PFB+ Softball (Part 2)

Yeah I get that for sure. Our fans buy up tickets so fast for softball that I hope we buy them all up before any of their fans can.


I would want any excuse to leave Arkansas too…

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How do they have tickets? They haven’t even finished with season ticket holders yet :joy:

I think through Arkansas

Families of players get tickets but other than that it’s third party market or wait in line for what’s left(usually just standing room only)

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I think @crazed_stallion was talking about the football game


ISO 2 stadium chair-back seats to Saturday regionals

Missed the ticket on sale

If anyone snagged tickets anywhere behind home plate and can’t go, I need 2 to any game we are playing

I noticed. OU is losing Maxwell, May, Keeney from pitching to graduation.
Kinzie, boone, Brito, Coleman, Jennings, Torres, Riley from batting to graduation. They will be without their top 7-8 players next year when they step into SEC.

On other hand Texas team is really young, lose almost no one of their starters.
Funny how Texas is more SEC ready in softball and football than ou.


Another thing this tells me is OU 100% will look for pitcher or two in portal. The competition for the top pitcher is going to be nuts in portal. Anyone wanna guess how many times ou will try to pull Canady into portal?

If Gasso was smart, she’d go ahead and retire with this class. There have been rumors for awhile that she was close. She’s literally achieved all there is to achieve except win 4 in a row, which hopefully isn’t going to happen.


I hope they fall apart after she does retire.

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If she does after this season, they might.


What’s your reasoning? I’m curious.

All the loses I mentioned. Its really tough to get those many quality players out of portal in same off season. On top they are going to tougher conference where there wont be much gimme weeks.

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That’s my thought. Ivy can take care of Nothern Colorado. Lexi Saturday. Then :man_shrugging:t2: Sunday.

How long do we give Aycock until she walks in a runner in the first before we storm the field?

I’ll be ok trying Aycock till she gives 2 runs then pulling her for Ivy. Depends on Northern Colorado pitching. Are they good? They start Ivy.

According to D1, UNC is 158th in RPI. Record of 27-24. Somehow won Big sky tournament. I wouldnt mind starting Kyra.

decent SO numbers for their #1, but also against poor competition

Crazy that there are 8 SEC teams hosting regionals this weekend. 10 if you throw in Texas and OU. How Alabama got to host, is a mystery to me.

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