PFB+ Transfer Portal Thread

Oline and WR and probably a LB or 3 for depth.


If Bowman returns, we will have Bowman, Rangel, Zane, Gundy and M smith on campus next fall. No place for one more QB even if Bowman leaves

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Our whole Oline is eligible to return. So it depends on who we lose to portal. Since we also have Mcendean, Dotson, McKinney, Kawecki all waiting to start on the line.

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Is Endean doing well in practice?

Was impressed he got to travel to Houston

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Heard good things about him pre season. Didn’t get to see him much in season

Starting to highly doubt Rangel is here next year. I’m hoping bowman comes back and if not, Zane is ready. I’m almost guaranteed to be completely wrong but smith just kinda feels like he’s gonna be sanders 2.0. On the field at least, no clue what his personality is like

I could see Rangel leaving.


Dear god pls not another year of Bowman

You don’t like 8-3 seasons?


Yeah hopefully Flores is ready cos I feel like our ceiling is limited with Bowman.

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And so it begins…


Opposite. I think he’s getting post injury confidence this year.

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Right up in OSU alley.


With the last week of the regular season upon us I was curious how the outgoing transfers were doing so far. I’ll give them grades based on how I think it worked out for them as individuals, not for their team.

I looked at the skill players who left on offense and the most vital defensive guys.
I didn’t include Spencer Sanders, Braylin Presley, or Langston Anderson because they haven’t really played. I also didn’t include Kanion Williams or Demarco Jones because they were elevated to starting roles basically from special teams guys, so not a great comparison.

For the list we have:
Dom Richardson
Stephon Johnson
JP Richardson
Bryson Green

Mason Cobb
Jabbar Muhammad
Thomas Harper
Trace Ford

Starting with the offense:
Dom Richardson - his stats are basically the same with the exception of touchdowns. Baylor has stunk but his YPC is better, he just has less carries. It seems to have worked out pretty neutral for him.

Stephon Johnson - As of week 11 his catches are almost identical but his YPC dropped. Considering he was a freshman last year, i’d say this hasn’t worked out for him as his skill level is better than his numbers. He could’ve really been crucial had he stayed and i imagine his yards would’ve increased.

JP Richardson - as of week 11, his yards are nearly identical so with week 12 he should surpass his 2022 stats, considering he has a higher YPC this year. It seems to have worked out pretty neutral for him.

Bryson Green - as of week 11, he’s had a dip in yardage and I wouldn’t expect him to reach his 2022 yardage. He could’ve helped this year but he would’ve been passed on the depth chart by a healthy Stribling. A neutral move for him despite less yardage. Unless TCU upsets OU, he’ll also be the only one out of these offensive guys going to a bowl game.

Mason Cobb - his tackles have dipped, sacks have dipped, and he only had 1 INT last year so neutral there. USC defense stinks. He’s the leader of that defense for the most part but they fired their DC. Stats alone, a negative move for him.

Jabbar Muhammad - stats aside as harder to grade CBs, but he’s having a great year. a lockdown CB and his team is undefeated, he’s getting a lot of attention. A very positive move for him that worked out.

Thomas Harper - his stats have gone up and he has more eyeballs at ND. A positive move for him that worked out.

Trace Ford - he was injured last year so his stats are better this year. However, the move drew attention to him in a negative way and stood out even more with Bedlam. Overall, a negative move for him.


I think our biggest loss honestly was Boogie, and mostly because if he had stayed we wouldve been able to redshirt LJ3 and potentially put another WR in thr nfl for the 25 draft


I agree with this. Considering Shettron got hurt (and hasn’t looked as good as Stephon Johnson did last year anyways), having Johnson and his abilities would’ve been great this year and would’ve allowed Leon Johnson to not be forced into action.




The WRs definitely would’ve been needed this year due to injuries and I agree Boogie most. If green doesn’t leave do we take Striblimg? Who knows


Green left after we took Stribling. But Boogie on offense and Jabbar on defense maybe our big losses