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Where I was last week, already itchin to return:


America is top tier in natural beauty where the nature is protected




I drove home through tornado sirens today lmao



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Where is this? Beautiful.

I think it is Yosemite.


Lawrence, KS


Yosemite. Tunnel view of Monument Valley, Grizzly Giant - or its trunk at least - in Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, and Mirror Lake to be more precise.

And yes, it is quite beautiful. I’ve about talked myself into doing the John Muir Trail a few years from now. Not ready to try anything that big just yet tho.


I’m to the point where I would prefer a restaurant instead of a lounge on layovers.

As long as the food and service are good I am with you.

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Depends on the lounge….where do you frequent the most?

Delta lounge’s are too crowded mostly. Haven’t been in one in several months now.

Amex lounges still have the best food but again crowded most of the time. And as an AA flyer they’re always out of my way I feel like.

AA lounges aren’t ever that crowded but food is lacking, except for the avocado toast in the mornings. It’s amazing.

I’ve been catching the red eye home from San Fran weekly for the past month now and the AA lounge here is open well after the restaurants close so that’s a perk and grabbing a shower there before the red eye helps me pass out fast.

Also stopped by San Jose “The Club” last week and they do QR code ordering from every seat and that was really nice.

Also with how much I travel if I did a restaurant every time I would be spending $100 a week probably compared to 0 at the lounge.

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Centurion at DFW mainly

I’ll be at San Jose soon though. What gets you into the club?

Priority Pass. Some will take your Amex as proof, but they didn’t for me. I had to show my actual priority pass. You get it for free with the Amex though if you haven’t already signed up.

Go to the one across from A15. It seemed nicer than the one across from A8. When will you be in and out? I fly back from there on Thursday.

The centurion at DFW is always too crowded. I also rarely am out of terminal D on my flights. I also usually get to DFW as boarding starts lol so not doing a ton of lounge visits unless flight is delayed.

I’ve heard the new Centurion at ATL is really nice. I also use the Vegas one every time I’m there.

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I’ll be in Vegas in two weeks to check that one out

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I’ll be through ATL next month with Priority Pass. Never had a layover there before, just a final stop.

Do you have the full priority pass or the Amex free version?

Full pass through Sapphire Reserve