PFB+ Travel Thread

Have a great time


I went to a Mariners game last week. In about a month Seattle will be beautiful.


We actually didn’t manage to get tickets, but I’d check out the Tokyo Giants. They’re the biggest team from my understanding and the stadium looked pretty cool. I enjoyed the baseball hall of fame at the stadium, so I’d recommend that if that’s where you go.

For basketball, we went to see Alvark several times because my buddy was on the team and it was a trippy experience with a great environment. They got gutted by trades/free agency so they may not be as good, but the fans are super loyal.


Japan is known for their special strawberries. Check out the strawberry fields in the rural country outside of Tokyo. Totally worth it!



Hopefully at least some.

Kyoto and the old capital is amazing, and there are a ton of cool tours in Tokyo. I spent most of my visit in Shizuoka, and going to drive through the green tea fields was super memorable. If you’re into architecture at all, visiting a few shrines and temples are very worth it. You’ll likely just miss the cherry blossoms in May, but if you catch them they’re unforgettable!


If you are into Disney parks at all, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are amazing. The parks are in much better condition than ours. They are also opening a new section this summer in DisneySea. It is also significantly cheaper for tickets/food (tickets were $60 for a one day ticket for when we are going this June and drinks are $2).


The Hanshin Tigers in Osaka are fun. Watch the Osaka episode of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations”. I think it’s in Season 2…? There is a chain of bars in Osaka that are Hanshin team bars. The fans are furiously loyal.


How hard if it to get by on English in Japan?

Signs are often in both english and Japanese or symbols which helps, and most students learn English in school (my cousins were all basically fluent when we visited, they took 7 or 8 years in school). You may run into people who dont help when they realize you cant speak Japanese though. Theres societal factors of not attempting English unless you’re really good at it as well as an ethnocentrism that plays into things a bit. It’s not hard to get by, but having someone with you whos conversational or fluent will help you out a lot when talking with folks.

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If it’s in one of the larger cities, I think you’d be able to make it through somewhat easily. But maybe not quite as easy as we’re having in Prague. I’m finding they are pretty accomodating with the English language both written and spoken.

I’ll have to try that when we finally make it over there. Currently on a train back to Paris from D-Day site visits and eating the butter and ham sandwich a French farmer and his wife made for us. So simple but oh my how delicious. And Orange Fanta to wash it down.

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Flying a retro Alleghany livery on my flight to SFO today. If you’re a nerd like me it’s pretty cool. Will try to find a pic as I’m already boarded.

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You wash it down with pinot noir. :roll_eyes:

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how did you get this pic from inside the plane bro


It’s like the technology they have on cars when you park! 360 plane view. All the rage.


Orange Fanta