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Watching UFC 66 on ESPN+ main event is Liddell vs Ortiez and man can I just say I miss the OG’s of UFC and I totally forgot how nerdy but a BA Forrest Griffin was. Social distancing may turn into UFC re runs and the outdoor network


It’s definitely fun to see how the sport has evolved! One of the better things to binge watch at this time.

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Not going to lie watching Older UFC fights are way better. The new age UFC isn’t nearly as good

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The caliber of athletes now at the highest level of the sport is better. Much more technical fighters and the skill set is extremely high. It takes such a high level of talent to reach the top now.

There have been some of the best fights in the sports history over the past 5 years.

Not disagreeing but you made the point athletes not fighters. It’s athletes fighting rather than fighters fighting. Look at GSP, Liddell, Coture, ortiez, Griffin, Keith Jardine, Arlovski, B.J, Bisping, Chris Leben. These guys were fighters pure fighters and I think that’s when the fights were at its best. Did you watch 248? Best fight was the girls fight. I don’t think you call the main event even a fight. That was some schoolyard bull crap fighting between 2 bullies. I’ve seen better fights in my high school staircase than that.

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Also Kyle Crutchmer reminds me of Chuck Liddell. Granted that’s a big Comp. but his build and striking style

Did you see Jacobe Smith will be training at AKA? He at least looks the part of a badass…ha! I wonder if he will go at Middle or Welterweight. Should be fun to watch him and Crutchmer develop.
@seth Any idea of other current or recently graduated Pokes that will make their way into MMA?


Smith and Crutchmer are the main two right now. Smith started going out there and training and stuff at the end of last school year and just made it official last week.

Really excited to see what Smith does.

I’m not aware of any of the guys that just graduated that have plans for it.

I’ve heard Piccininni kick around the idea, but I don’t believe he has any specific plans like Crutchmer and Smith did. I doubt he tries it, but could be wrong.

Montalvo possibly in the future and part of Ferrari’s recruiting pitch was the MMA connection, so I know he wants to.


Silva vs Franklin on ESPN+ had some good fights that UFC

Dana White with Big ball moves saying UFC will be back. Listening to sport animal talking about it right now and they are doing everything right in precautions with extra doctors and secured a level 1 trama center

Shows what I know @Mo_Willy. Piccininni signed with AKA today. Like I said, I had heard him mention it before, but never really thought he was all that serious about it.


That’s a pretty BA camp. So I’ve got a question. Do these camps kinda bid after these guys that want to go into it or do they just pick a camp they have I mind or what? I mean surely there’s some type of recruitment or something.

If I won the lottery this would be a fun way spend some money.

You all think UFC 249 happens on May 9th?

They just Tweeted this out :man_shrugging:

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@seth do you think we eventually see Kyle go to UFC? With Bellator moving a lot to DAZN think he will eventually make the switch?

I know Bellator pays a lot of their young fighters better than the UFC… And that’s the main reason he’s in it, so as long as they keep paying him more than the UFC is offering, I think he’ll stay in Bellator.

He like most fighters will stay until their value increases to where they need to make the switch.

At a certain level of fighters want to accomplish their goals and make life changing money they have to move to the UFC. I’m hopefully Kyle’s career puts him in this position.

Belator is a great organization to get young talented fighters fights that fit their level all while being paid a good living wage but that where they stop.

Sounds like Florida is letting them hold cards without fans. 3 events between May 9th and 16th. Hopefully they actually happen!


Any thoughts on the matchups?

I’m taking Tony over Justin. Tony is hittable and Justin has those heavy hands I just think Tony has a broader skill set and a big advantage on the ground. Will be interesting if Tony just strikes with him or if he actually tries to take it to the ground. It would be nice to see what Justin can do. His wrestling talents are always talked about, but he never uses them.

Cejudo over Cruz. I would prefer Cruz to win just with him being so inactive and Cejudo looking so good lately I have to go Cejudo.

Ngannou over Rozenstruik: Rozenstruik was eating a lot of strikes from Alistair in his last fight. He won’t be able to eat those from Ngannou.

Cerrone vs Pettis: This should be a fun fight I don’t know who takes it, but I hope Cerrone wins.

Werdum over Oleinik: I think Werdum has the jiu-jitsu to withstand Oleinik’s submission attempts and should be able to outstrike him.

Mitchell over Rosa: Mitchell has looked pretty good so far in his young career.

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We have fights tonight!