PFB+ Wrestling (Part 1)

I think you meant “providing the NIL opportunities”. /s

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I would take Caleb Fish over Saldate

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Yea. I would be ok with either of them.

Looks like :tropical_fish:. Saldate to Michigan.

Michigan normally send “sup” to all wrestling portal guys. They are Arkansas hoops of wrestling.

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Honestly thought we would see more guys enter the portal up front. Not sure the window but based on when guys entered looks like it ends around 5/4. Not including grad transfers or coaching changes I presume.

Remember, the portal giveth and the portal taketh. I’m hearing OSU could be taking a pretty big hit soon (although honestly not that surprising).

Would be worried about Heeg, Young, McComas. BT if he didn’t want to redshirt lol. CC if him cutting was not a mutual decision.

It’d be a returning starter.

Would be ok if it’s Doucet or Surber or even BT.

I would prefer not to lose anyone, but Plott would be the only devastating loss.


Yes, Plott would be a monumental loss. I really hope it’s not Spratley.

I mean it was pretty obvious which of our starters didn’t seem to be having any fun and just didn’t live up to any of his high expectations. Throw in the rumored weight cut issues and such poor results that at times looked like he just gave up on the mat. All this makes me think it’s BT.


Makes sense. Especially if Hamiti moves up. @dekota said ‘big hit’. Based on how he performed he can be replaced. I know he has a high ceiling, but would understand if it’s him.

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I get that 18–20-year-olds look at things differently, but if the weight cut is really an issue having a red shirt year with Plott and Hamiti as workout partners and just wrestling to get better should be a good situation and next year go at 184.

I would think 41 or 49 could be more likely given the people around those weights and the interactions with coaches (49).

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Pretty sure it’s not Plott. He posted something about being excited to run it back next year.

Yeah wouldn’t surprise me if it’s Carter Young.