PFB's Predictions for Bedlam 2020

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We’re all expecting a close one.

38-31 OU. I think OSU has more talent offensively. I think OSU has infinitely more talent defensively. I think OSU has more talent in special teams. But I’ve seen OSU blow this game too many times to count, and that is literally the only reason I am picking Ou to win. OSU holds the advantage everywhere but between the ears, and that usually dooms them every single year.

Wrong! This is 2020 and strange things happen. 31-28 OSU. Pokes win with a late field goal and break the hearts of Sooners and Gundy haters everywhere!
Go Pokes!

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OU 33 OSU 24 :disappointed:

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Say it ain’t so jarrod

I like the bold pick Spencer throws a pick. Not as shy as captain obvious

I see lil joe type got to wait and get a good laugh before my pic.

OU 31 OSU 20

  1. We can’t protect the QB or block long enough to open a hole for Brown or Hubbard

  2. We won’t pass the ball over the middle of because Gundy doesn’t want anyone getting hurt.

  3. We won’t be creative. Gundy will stick to the same 10 plays he has all year long.

  4. The offense will look bad because Gundy won’t risk anything that might end up in a turnover

  5. Spencer Sanders has horrible awareness and his ball security isn’t very good.

  6. We won’t get Hubbard or Brown space that they need to operate.

  7. We’ll score field goals in the red zone instead of touchdowns.

  8. We won’t use Jelani Woods like we probably should (6 catches so far this season).

  9. The only two receivers that will get the ball all game long are Wallace and Stoner.

  10. Gundy is 2-13 in this series. He just can’t get it done because of his ego and stubbornness. His philosophy is that it’s better to lose than to change.

Yeah I’m sure Gundy does since he does it so often.

My bold prediction is OSU actually scores a touchdown in the red zone.

What’s this we crap I know I have no mouse in my pocket and ur not a fan joe

I have a feeling r roster will look a lot like when we play tulsa.
Sanders just play with in urself.
Everyone else keep do what ur doing.
So safeties play big. No more then 4 big plays. More then likely have more pass interference calls. Keep rattler in front of u.
What do I did to say Sanders. Everyone else knows their job.
31 -27 osu GO POKES
Bold prediction osu wins joe has a fit.

I’ll be ecstatic if they win!!! I just hope Gundy doesn’t screw it up for the players, fans, and boosters.

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The Sooners have come a long way, since the opening of the season. They have progressed, jelled and have also gotten back a couple of game changers, who had been suspended.
We have trudged along, simply maintaining, with little (if any) progress in sight.
The Sooners are far better than the KSU Team, we barely managed to beat.
We’re not near as good as the polls have made us out to be.
I sense a big OU win, in Norman.

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That’s a good thing being at norman ups are chances by 5 to 7%.:thinking::face_with_monocle::upside_down_face::crazy_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Trust me, I hope I’m wrong.


Porter’s prediction ?

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Don’t be shy ar

35-17 OU MVP OU’s offensive line.
Bold Prediction. By the end of the game they are talking about how OU may have the best defense in the conference.

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Norman would need to be gased for peeps to say that. That like an oxymoron.