PFB's Predictions for Bedlam 2020

This is entire game comes down to Spencer Sanders and his TOs. If he has one or less, we win; 2 toss up, 3 or more, and it’s asking too much from our Defense.

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OSU is the more complete team but it’s Bedlam and I don’t trust Sanders so I think OU wins 38-31. I hope I’m wrong but I’ll have to see it to believe it.

Chuba has yet to have a 200 all-purpose yards game this season. I doubt it’s going to happen against one of the better defenses in the Big 12.

This entire game doesn’t come down to just Sanders. 65-70 percent of it will come down to the OL play and Mike Gundy. Sanders could play a near perfect game, but if the OL makes one too many mistakes and Gundy coaches Bedlam the boneheaded way like he seems to do quite often then those will definitely be factors.

Kansas scored in the first half against ou. Great defense this ain’t ur dad’s sooner defense this 2020. Talk about hair remember steroid boz

We have a punter at least 2 receivers an ex 4 star qb that can throw the ball. Who want to see some more jet sweeps. Hope r defense stay home and not over play like first half at manhatten.

The ol and Gundy will be ready. Please Sanders don’t screw this up. If Hubbard won’t run get brown in early he will run.

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You kind of proved my point, if the OL doesn’t play well, then there is a pretty good chance Sanders has a bunch of TOs. Very few TOs are completely one person’s fault, but Sanders’ decision making (whether it’s forcing a pass or pre-snap reads) is still a big problem. If he didn’t have an amazing ability to make plays with his legs, we would have a different QB,

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If the Cowboys can’t get a running game going because of no holes then we have to rely more on the passing game and that means interceptions. So if the Cowboys can run then we have a chance to win. If we see during the first quarter that we have nowhere to run then we know the game is already lost.

Hey, Joe just summarized the season so far. The past is the best predictor of future behavior.
I would bet the way Joe is betting.

OU 37, Pokes 20. Oh, how I’d love to be wrong, but I sense a blowout.


OU 41. OSU 17. When was the last time Okie State beat OU?

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