PHOTOS: Oklahoma State Puts on Shoulder Pads for the First Time in Fall Camp

Originally published at: PHOTOS: Oklahoma State Puts on Shoulder Pads for the First Time in Fall Camp | Pistols Firing

STILLWATER — The Cowboys took another step toward their season opener Friday when they put on shoulder pads for the first time in fall camp. PFB photographer Devin Wilber was on hand to snap some photos of Oklahoma State’s Friday practice. Here are some of his best.

Their all smiles.

They better get all the smiles in while they can. Because if I have to watch another craptastic season opener for the third year in a row they should be frowning instead of smiling after the game.

Ive already told gundy to hold off and make its close, because i love to hear you cry.

You don’t need to tell Gundy anything. He’ll make sure to coach / play down to the level of the competition on his own.


I’m sure our opponent is telling their team about the last meeting to fire the team up. It would be the highlight of their season. But I wouldn’t worry. This is really good team we have this season. Experienced team. Our QB is technically a Junior this season with experience and a experienced defense. We are going to turn heads and make noise this season. Only worried about Baylor and OU. I’ll tell you a big upset would be UTSA vs UT. I’m thinking about putting money on that game.

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I don’t know about you, but our last two craptastic season openers doesn’t give me full confidence that we’re gonna be beating down Central Michigan. If it takes a defensive stand to prevent overtime against Missouri State and a kick return for a touchdown to beat Tulsa then I have my doubts. Hopefully Gundy proves me wrong and doesn’t coach down to the level of the competition. I doubt it though.

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Its really weird that jug is on at the exact time you are all the time. You and jug are the same person.

You want to win or look pretty. Were winning by 21

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MicRobert, little bit short on humor.

Undeafted season this year, lets gooooo!!

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This bunch might go undeafted.

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Are you ok. Did you just say gundy will go undefeated

There are times where I’m constantly arguing with you and AR isn’t even around. I’m sure you’ll be joining in under your Michael account here soon.

Does that look like it says undefeated?

Poor joy. You every going to say how many wins were going to have this year

I’ve already told you. I don’t think we win anymore than 9 games during the regular season. I hope I’m wrong, but Gundy’s also proven to me he can win less after double digit win seasons.

Lol yea buddy like 12 last year im with you

Sorry if I’m not impressed with doing that once every decade :man_shrugging:.

More crying joy

No excuses left?