Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for Bedlam Round 2

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Buckle up, it’s Bedlam. (Part two.)

Supporting cast will have to come up big tonight. Kruger has had 48 hours to marinate over how to best stop Cade, which will inevitably open up our other guys for looks. They’ll have to come through if we want to win again. The good news is a long run is easier to do at home than it is on the road, so if we do start feeling it there’s a chance we could run them out of the gym with our athleticism. You could see easily on Saturday that when the game allowed us to use our athleticism to our advantage, OU had no shot at stopping us. They can’t match up athletically.

I would assume both coaches will try and push the importance of defense.

If the Pokes cut their turnovers in half and have another good night from the charity stripe, they win going away.

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