Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Kansas 2.0

I disagree a lot with what Doug is about on his show, but I still think he deserves a chance. He knows the program and is passionate about it , I like Boynton as a person but it’s been years and he still doesn’t know how to draw up a functioning offense I mean lord

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Gundys been to 16 straight bowls with a program that has 0 tradition. Boynton can’t even make the the dance

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You watch bill self draw up layups out of time outs year after year. Boynton is over his head at this time and I understand that because He’s never been a head coach just like Doug but Doug has played for one of the best coaches in college basketball. Our problem seems to be more athletic director. Just dropped off the shoulder musical

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Sorry about the last sentence but I’m drinking a lot because of this psychotic team and I was using talk text and let it go too long before i pressed send and it picked up a few xtra words

But I will tell you this. Without a five star McDonald’s all American this team wouldn’t make the tournament. And that is just what Gundy can’t get in order to make the big 12 championship.

We may not make it with him we got a tough schedule coming up, I guarantee we can’t beat ou right now, and that pisses me of more than losing to them in football

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Boynton is just too soft on his players that are out of control plane and simple. I remember when Sutton would get mad at back up players that were in the game because we were up by 20 with 1 minute left! SOFT!!!

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The only thing That boynton has done in disciplinary actions is sit Avery Anderson down for that backwards pass. Or kiss just too soft to take a little disciplinary action on them now days?


Over 60 % of all FBS teams make a bowl while 20% make the tournament but keep using that comparison.

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Ou has had 7 Bedlam sweeps since 2006.

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This season they are averaging their 3rd highest PPG average since the final 4 season. With less accumulative offensive talent than they’ve had in most of those seasons. They’ve also only had one tourney win since 05 and as of now are a lock for the tourney this year. Research!

We’re about to play two winless teams in conference back to back. That’s the easiest stretch of schedule, not hardest.

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You guys are trying to burn the program to the ground for not sweeping a guy that’s been swept one single time in the past 2 decades (by Boynton). The entitlement and prestige you guys think Oklahoma state athletics has that just doesn’t exist continues to crack me up.


Once again ar0 ur have problems with ur facts. U have used this before. U cant compare apples and oranges.
The big 12 gets 7 bowls so in theory were at 70% for football. Which helps u.
The thing is in bb were a power 5 program not a simple fbs. Some can look it up but were over 60% in basketball for the dance. With the nit were closer to 80% of the conference goes.
This what I say about bending the facts.

To be fair he probably plays in the toughest league in college basketball. It’s not like he just has one other dominant team he has to compete against.

I’ve also criticized Boynton as well. His team still looks like they are going to the tournament so let’s see how the rest of the season plays out.

There are currently 6 Big 12 teams in the top 25 for college basketball (more than likely 7 after this week). There are 351 division one teams in college basketball. Tied for 1st by conference with the Big 10.

During the 2020 football season we had 4 teams finish in the top 25. There are 130 division one teams in college football. Tied for 2nd by conference with the Big 10.

Those aren’t bent facts. Those are the present facts. No matter how much you want to prove football to be the better result you still deny the facts that in basketball we have the tougher competition and more teams to compete against just to make the tourney.

So joe a lil over sensitive. My post was to ar0 about his post.
Ur post has nothing to do with mine. And there still will only be 6 ranked next week.
Ar0 was saying only 20% make it to the dance. Of course that’s all the teams. But as everyone knows power 5 and leagues like the big east never just get 20%.
So in some kind of psychotic way u were help my point. U have to read all the post before u jump head first in.
But we know u joe psychotic and head are par for u. Why do u post to me ur never rite. I did tell u to go buy those dummy books for sports.

My facts are spot on when describing how elite the NCAA tournament is in college basketball and how common going to a bowl is in FBS. None of what you described about percentage for conferences is set in stone. If 7 teams in the big 12 had losing records, only 3 would be going to a bowl. The same goes for the tournament.

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So r u going to find any one on this site( beside joe) that will stick with u. 2 teams get tourney spots from big 12.
Get really those r bent facts that over 200 teams have no chance with out con champ tournament.
Just like ur lil stone theory for bb it’s TRUE for football.