Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Liberty

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/picks-point-spread-preview-what-to-know-for-osu-vs-liberty/

How to prep for OSU’s first round game on Friday.

I see u guys are going out on a limb.
No 20 point victory

You guys said Liberty likes to play slow, right? I say Pokes win 67-55.

In my opinion this is a very simple breakdown… If Oklahoma State can maintain tempo, limit their turnovers and prevent Liberty from shooting better than 35% from 3, the Cowboys walk with a 10 point win or better. However, if we allow ourselves to get behind early, as we sadly have far to often this season, Liberty can take control of the game pacing and slow this thing down to a literal crawl… That lengthy possession style is something Ostate has not seen within conference play this year, as the Big12 in general plays very up temp and pushes the pace regardless of who you see week in and out, meaning that we will need some make some early defensive adjustment and be sure to push that pace… As always, I’m withholding a prediction out of shear superstition, but I truly feel that if we establish ourselves early and take down the Flames, the doors are officially open for a deep tournament run, regardless of who we might face in the next few rounds!