Picks, Point Spread, Preview: What to Know for OSU vs. Texas Tech

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Can OSU sweep Tech?

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There is no reason this game isn’t perfectly winnable. Tech has hit a bit of a skid lately and it’s at home. Glad we are the underdog in this game. Hopefully in the time off they cleaned up the stupid turnovers and improved their rebounding. Should be a good game.

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There’s one thing OSU has to do to win- don’t go into one of your infamous 2nd half massive scoring droughts. Take those away and OSU has been better than 100% of the teams they’ve played this year, tonight will be no different.

Only problem is they have at least a 5 minute scoring drought in the 2nd half of every. Single. Game. They. Play.

On cue, a 7 minute 2nd half scoring drought. OSU is 100% guaranteed one every single game they play.