Picks, Predictions for OSU's Game Saturday vs. Boise State

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Our team is split on how we predict Saturday will go.

Cox is still drink the Prue orange kool-aid. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::100::100::100::100::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Boise State 35 OSU 24



Boise 27 OSU 17

Why? Because Mike Gundy’s offense sucks chit that’s why!!!


Osu 21 Boise 20 osu’s defense scores all the points.


Cox calling 30+ point games like Kasey Dunn calling running plays up the middle on 2nd and long.

Boise 31 - OSU 17 (Defense scores 1 touchdown)


My gut says Boise wins by 10+. Our defense will keep them in check by limiting their offense to 3 touchdowns but Boise State will score on defense for 1 touchdown. I don’t see the offense scoring more than ~24 points. My wild prediction is OSU comes out guns blazing and manhandles Boise State just to return home next week and lose to a K State team with no QB.


Yeah, I think Boise by 10.


When most everyone predicts a win/ loss, that’s when it usually goes the other way.

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I think our D keeps us in this one but our O stays about the same…Cowboys 21 Broncos 31

If we just look at bosie offense and osu defense.
Bosie will be alot like the 2018 on offense they scored 21.
Osu 2018 was Knowles first year and it was bad. Two of bosie td were 30 plus yards.this will be the main thing the defense can not let happen. We can’t allow separation. Not a dual qb. They will have their best rb back. They will use receivers or anybody to open up the run game…
I’m not talking about turnovers rite now. But it will be hard to see boise scoring more then 21 points.
Turnovers. Yes bosie has 8 they came in 2018 with 5.
So r they going to get 6 against us, I dnt it.
We will run the ball.
So osu31 bsu20

Both teams barely good enough to make a bowl. Should be called the battle of those who also participated.
BSU 21 OSU 17

I completely agree with that. I added a pick 6 or scoop and score into my prediction. I cannot see Sanders not giving at least one up.

I dnt think boise front 7 is better then 2018 or better then tulsa. So that’s why I gave us 31.

Turnovers will be the key to a Cowboys solid victory. Our defense is really starting to gel, and I can envision two Broncos turnovers in their half of the field that will result in a two touchdown win for the 'boys. Cowboys 38 Broncos 24.

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We’re gonna get murdered. Boise State is wearing all blue.


Well we already have 21?

17 more to go and hold the Broncos to a field goal in the second half. Oh, we need one more turnover in the Bronco’s half of the field. :joy:

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