Playoff path

Do we need to beat an undefeated ou and then take the championship away from them in order to earn a playoff spot?

Seems like Cincy is getting a lot of love for such a soso resume . Kinda need them to get knocked off. Tulsa was pretty close to doing that too .

We need to win and have a lot of people get knock of.
We have 4 weeks with 6 teams ahead of us.

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You saw the NCAA basketball decision. We’re small and get crapped on. If we win out, we still won’t make it… unless probably 3-4 teams lose. Bama, Ohio State, Oregon, Cincy…

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No shot they put Cincy in over a 1 loss B12 champ. They already set them up for failure with the initial ranking. I think they should get their chance but I highly doubt they do.

We’ll see. Lots of games to go. It likely won’t get tested.


It’s still the same old song and dance for OSU then ? We have to go undefeated and more than likely beat ou twice for b12 champs ?

Undefeated, yes.

Pokes will inevitably slip up once or twice more this season, so no path unfortunately

If OSU wins out, and two of those wins are against OU, I guarantee you OSU will get into the playoff. Guaranteed.

I also guarantee you that we will not go 2-0 against OU so you’ll never get the chance to prove me wrong.

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There is 9 teams ahead of OSU right now, if four of them win out or if Alabama and Georgia make the conference championship neither one will miss the playoffs and then just two others need to win out. So I see the playoff path straight uphill.

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You guys need to chill out. IF OSU WINS OUT, THEYRE IN. PERIOD. Its not even worth discussing. Beating OU in back to back weeks will be very, very impressive

Bama only gets in if they win out. Even Bama isnt getting in with 2 losses over a 1-loss Oregon, Ohio St, OSU Conf Champ

For ou this may be the case. We still have noter dame in front of us. Sure if we win out we will have 5 top 25 wins and a top 5 win ( if ou wins out).
I don’t see Oregon staying on.
It would be 2 spot for cincy osu and nd. With the sec and big 10 champs.

Well when you look at the body of work neutered lame has accomplished this year they’ve GOTTA be a shoe in .

If Bama loses to Georgia they will not get in.

ND is one spot ahead right now. ND plays no one down the stretch. No Conf. Cham. game either. OSU will likely have beaten OU in back to back weeks. That will trump ND. OSU wins out…theyre in

I know what ur saying. By that logic, cincy would be higher.

Based on schedules of teams ahead of us, how many will absolutely lose another game?

The 2 Michigan teams have to play tosu. So that takes out 2.
If u think Stanford can manage another upset, nd is probably not losing.
Ou has 3 games in question
Cincy will have Houston
Alabama has Georgia
Oregon has every game they play left. More the likely 2 with Utah.
No matter if all heck breaks out in these games there should be 1 each in the big 10 and sec for sure, Staying in.
I take that back tosu can lose both of their games
We have seen them do weird things for the big ten.
Wisconsin is playing better they could beat any of those 3 in the title game leave possible Michigan still in the running but not a champ.
Ou loses 2 games out of these 3 their out.

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Thanks for the info. That was really quick. You must have rankings up on a computer or something.