Playoff path

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That does include all the ways it could end.
Main thing for us is to win 4 more games go pokes

According to ESPN’s playoff predictor, if OSU were to win out and win the Big 12, they would have a 79% chance of making the playoff and a 5% of winning the national championship (
Do I put much stock in this, not really.

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Does that take into account what Goons do before Bedlam or not? I would bet the odds on both go up if Goon is undefeated before Bedlam.

I’m not sure. You pick a team and answer two questions, how they’ll finish the rest of the seasson and do they win their conference championship.

There is one problem. tosu is holding Oregon up.
If tosu loses again even to um or msu, that’s their best win. But then tosu has 2 loses so r they good enough to make 2 one loss teams good enough for the playoffs.

It kick me out of that other article.
I’m not going to mention all the super seniors.
But how would this defense be if Cobb bishop black and Mohammad were starting.
Just think it over.

Yes we have them helping on offense but a ton on defense