Podcast Ep. 560: Big 12 Championship Blowout

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Recapping OSU’s loss to Texas.

Colby’s FSU take stinks like the offenses in the Big 10 West.

I"m sorry but I agree with Colby on this one. I say this absolute no love for the SEC or ESPN and I truly feel bad for the Noles. .
When Jordan Travis broke his leg Florida State no longer looked like one of the four best teams in the nation. The offense became a shell of itself. 16 points and 55 yards passing against Louisville. The Cardinals are a good team but nowhere near the level of the other playoff teams. Yes it was the 3rd string but honestly the 2nd string wasn’t much better against a now 5-7 Florida. Even Carson admitted that Alabama v. Michigan would be a better game than Michigan v. Florida State.

Is Michigan’s offense any good? They put up less yards than FSU did Saturday, and FSU had their third-string true freshman QB.

Also, FSU had 14 TFLs, 7 sacks on Saturday. Their defense is every bit as good as Michigan’s or anyone in the playoff. Louisville hadn’t scored less than 23 points since September and scored two field goals. FSU’s skill talent is far better than Michigan’s. Let’s not act like FSU is inept with their second-string QB by comparison to Michigan.

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Good pod, guys

@CarsonCunningham - good use of “slapped in the face”. That is exactly how it felt… you have a chance to make a statement but you used the championship as a back patting party. Admittedly, I was foolishly optimistic when I got to AT&T that they were going to show up and be creative like Bedlam… but egg on my face. Would really love the staff to come out swinging against AM so I can get the taste of stale offense out of my mouth. Feels like another perfect opp. to throw the kitchen sink, and try to wash away some of the embarrassment. Another opp. to show we’ve got fight and can win against SEC / big name programs.

Completely agree that the Nardo 1st half defense trend needs to be fixed and fixed ASAP. Know it’s a big jump into D1 and hard to adjust when you don’t necessarily have ‘your guys’ but feel like the grace period is now over. Wasn’t expecting a replica of the 2021 defense by any means, but wasn’t expecting that we’d make QBs across the country look like Heisman candidates week-in and week-out.

The committee changes its mind every year on criteria and which ‘thematic’ they are going to use — “the best 4” vs. “the most deserving”. The two are very different and we all know it. This year, they basically went half and half which I personally think was the worst decision they could have made. TBH, think FSU is hosed either way. I personally haven’t seen anything from Michigan’s offense that screams they are great, but I haven’t cared enough to watch them much this year.

Go Pokes!

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