Poll of the Week (12-22-20): Should the CFP Expand and How Much?

Sorry I’m a day behind, but as far as last week’s results on the best RB of the Gundy era, Kendall Hunter got 51% of the 97 votes. Rounding out the top three were Joe Randle 23% and Chuba Hubbard 19%.

With perhaps the most controversial Final Four to date, I ask the age-old question, should the CFP expand?

  • Stay at 4
  • Make it 8
  • Make it 16
  • Give me 32, cowards

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My tiny brain can’t handle brackets that involve byes, by the way.

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Explains how KP fooled you into buying PFB


Make it 8. Power five champs and the highest ranked group of five champ get auto bids, committee picks two at large teams and does seeding. The first round is played at the high seed’s home stadium.


I believe division 2 does 28. That would give the top 4 teams a bye. After all the changes that happened this season, you can’t tell me a bigger playoff couldn’t work. I like an 8-team format, but 16+ would be a blast.

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My problem with eight is that an 11-0 Coastal Carolina still wouldn’t have gotten in.


This right here! With only 8 teams, the committee will still be able to protect the blue bloods. The rest of us wouldn’t have a shot. Let’s assume that both Ok State and Iowa State has finished this season with 1 loss apiece. ISU wins round 1, and we win the rematch in Arlington. Both could make a case for the playoff. But not with only 8 teams. A Coastal Carolina can’t get in with only 8 teams. Neither could BYU. Cincy or Tulsa as conference champ with 1 loss…their out too. This playoff and it’s committee were designed for one reason only: to protect the name brands and money-makers. Ok State in 11 may have been the reason the BCS died, but make no mistake: the CFP was designed to create a further imbalance between the haves and have-nots while still being able to say, “We expanded it, what more do you want?!”


That’s why you need auto-bids for conference champs. Only let the committee do seeding and at large teams so they can’t keep moving the goalposts


Totally agree @SherlockOhms auto bids for the conference champions means the players settle it on the field, for the most part, instead of making it into a beauty pageant.


Every conference champion and two at larges selected by the CFP committee, which would also seed the teams
Top 4 seeds have a first round bye and second round home game. Next four seeds have a first round home game.
Reseed after each round so the highest remaining seed plays the lowest remaining seed.
Semi finals and National Championship would be the current system in place.
Here’s how it would look for this year:
1st Round
12 UAB @ 5 Texas A&M
11 Ball State @ 6 Oklahoma
10 Oregon @ 7 Cincinnati
9 San Jose State @ 8 Coastal Carolina
2nd Round
1 Alabama
2 Clemson
3 Ohio State
4 Notre Dame
Rose Bowl
Sugar Bowl
National Championship
Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Gardens, Florida)
There are other things I would add/change but this post is long enough.

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5- Major Conference champs
1/2- Major conference teams who are still very good
1/2- Small school who is very good (ie Coastal Car)

But if you’re only guaranteed one small school, Cincinnati would have gotten in and Coastal would be trimming their mullets. Give me 16.