Will the portal work out like most think.
Sure u will have a good player. Making the move up to a better team.
What about good players not getting playing time on good teams. Wouldn’t this make the lower team better, then what they had.
With nice players wanting to play, a fcs team can have a nice team.
With every transfer a team gets thats one less hs kid. So, a good hs kid going to Alabama now goes to Kentucky. And the ripple works its way down.
Like hs kids tranfers are a gamble. Is he that good or was there some aspect that made him look good.
Did ou swap cb with tenn, I thought 2 each. Did it change anything.
So with the portal, are we getting these close games and upsets.
Everybody wants to talk about Woods. Did him leaving effect are offense. We know his game stats have been helped. But, has he helped them, is he a game changer for them. They r 2 and 2.

I guess everyone agreed with me.