Porter: 20 Questions for 2020

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From Brandon Weeden to Spencer Sanders and everything in between.

*Command C, Command V

I think moving bedlam is ultimately good for us. Fewer opportunities to be injured, or just beat up generally going into it. I’m all for trying anything that may help change the luck up at all.


Agreed. It also seems OU tends to stub its toe earlier in the season rather than in November…unless they get D’Eriq (eye roll emoji)

You are right that it’s a good thing. OU has more depth than OSU so playing early, hopefully, means we have our starters available and a better chance of winning. An OSU second team player does not equal an OU second team player. In 2019 if we have Sanders vs Brown it would have been a different game.

I somehow feel like the LSU deal (with potential cash payments in the locker room after the Natty) going on simultaneously as the Chuba deal might help us out. If punishments are handed out, they’re likely to be within the same timeframe which means the NCAA will have to demonstrate some level of consistency or the optics will be poor. And the NCAA is unlikely to hit LSU hard. Maybe we benefit simply due to timing? Fingers crossed.

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Hard to believe that when Oklahoma A&M dominated college wrestling they only won 8 conference titles in the early days thru 1928. I mean they had teams that went several years in a row without losing any dual matches.
I am glad you brought up the golf team. Last season I wrote to Mike Holder about my concerns about the lack of stellar recruiting from the golf team after they had won NCAA title. They should have been able to really turn up the recruiting level of success but they did not. Holder replied that Cowboy golf is in good hands and there is nothing to worry about. Sure does not look like that at this point. I am also concerned about Cowboy cross country and the track team slipping in recruiting lately. Basketball remains an enigma but we all seem to agree having just one super star next season is not going to be enough. I don’t hold Boynton at all responsible for the players that he had to give the boot to or Marcus Watson messing up and then transferring. Some kids go wild when they hit campus and that can’t be predicted when recruiting them. Boynton has had a lot of bad luck so far and therefore I think it is too early to judge him. This season’s team stinks. Hidde is going to have to go train with someone this summer who can teach him how to play the game. Daton Fix is not going to make the Olympic team and he should never have taken a redshirt for it. Cowboy basketball is going to have to stop its trend of usually recruiting very good high school talent but they also often are too underweight and then are not effective enough against Big 12 players. The only Cowboy team that now has all of the main ingredients to be able to go after the top recruits in the nation is our baseball team. That is where I place my highest expectations, even more so than for Cowboy golf. We should be able to now steal some really good talent away from the Texas schools. Having Matt Holliday visit kids in their own living room and leaving them with his baseball card showing his stats? I wonder if there is an NCAA rule prohibiting Matt from giving autographed baseball cards to recruits? I would like to see Mike Holder being the guy throwing out the first pitch when the stadium opens. Assuming O’Brate is too old to do that. They will be back in Omaha in a few years from now.

I’m confused at that entire situation. Are college kids not allowed to test drive a car? They didn’t give him the car. And local businesses make posts literally every Single day with student athletes who are eating in there, wearing their clothes, etc. and nothing comes of it. I don’t understand how a business in his hometown doing it is any Different. The NCAA is a joke.