Porter: A Few Thoughts on This Week

Have you seen the article today where the co-founder of BLM said they are Marxists!! They ARE behind the violence! Do you know 800 police officers have been injured and 8 killed ?! And we are worried about offending BLM supporters!! Against a conservative news outlet like OAN. And make no mistake it will be proven very soon that China was behind the virus. You may scoff now but new evidence about what is behind all this violence perpetrated against our country is coming to light soon. These players have been deceived. Mike is NOT the problem. PFB should NOT be judging his character. If Mike had been wearing a Trump shirt on his vacation Chuba would have said the same thing indicating all Trump supporters are racist. What about freedom of speech? What if a black athlete wears a gangster rap t-shirt - am I to demand he be kicked off the team? You sit there on your journalistic throne, like most journalists, and pick and dissect and determine if a man is worthy of your approval. Get off your high horse. You have no business looking down your nose at ANYONE. Pride goes before a fall. How about LOYAL AND TRUE to our own head coach, former player and alum!!! Or are those just empty words we sing. YOU should examine who you are and not be judging Mike. The left ALWAYS demands you lay down your rights for theirs. There is NEVER any compromise. Wait until you see what BLM is planning to do to stop the Trump rally in Tulsa then explain why you support them. It’s obvious you are going to milk this as much as you can for your 15 minutes of fame.


This forum (mainly Boone) has been lured into the cancel culture that envelopes the entire country…Sad.

I truly doubt there are many folks in this state that have done more to better young black men’s lives than Mike Gundy…haven’t read that once on this forum from a single writer, although it should be quite obvious and represented in the articles…There is plenty of verbiage tearing him down, though…Cancel culture full steam ahead.

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Wish I had a crystal ball and could see Kyles motives ?