Porter's 20 Most Important People for the 2019 Football Season

So based on Porter’s article ranking the most important people for the 2019 Football Season I figured Id share my thoughts/Top 10 and see what other people’s thoughts were also.
The Criteria for my rankings: 1) I only included OSU players and not coaches 2) Most important to me means the team/outcome would dramatically change if this player didn’t play.

10: Spencer Sanders/Dru Brown - I don’t think it really matters who plays QB. If they are as equal as Gundy says they are then we are going to win 8/9/10 games regardless of who is under center.
9: Tom Hutton - Sinor was a stud his sophomore year and you could convince me he won us a game or two by being so good at pinning opposing teams inside the 20. If Hutton can do that like Sinor did in 2016 then that’s a game changer.
8: Stoner - He’s the safety guy and the QBs will rely on him.
7: Bundage - If he’s good then he’s a difference maker, but he also cannot give up 30 yards in penalties a game. Which one he turns out to be this season will matter
6 & 5: AJ Green/Rodarius Williams - they combined for only 3 INT last year. Gotta do better.
4: Malcolm Rodriguez - I feel like he’s always around the ball and makes plays
3: Matt Ammendola - You can’t miss extra points and 33 yard field goals. You just can’t.
2: Wallace - As Carson said on the podcast in his rankings, if he goes down this season might start to feel like 2009.
1: Chuba - He gets the #1 spot here because if he goes down then I think we are screwed in the running game.

What does everyone else think?

  1. Brown/Sanders - Need close-to-elite play.
  2. Wallace - Agree with comment I recently heard or read comparing to losing Dez vs. Oregon and early in next season.
  3. Chuba - Expecting big things but eager to see him meet the “as good or better than Justice” previews.
  4. Bundage - For same reason stated by OP. Hope he gets 110% healthy.
  5. Bray/Jenkins - To dominate run/pass options to the right.
  6. Ammendola - Need the clutch.
  7. Green/Williams - Expecting dominance.
  8. Rodriguez - Sounds like he will be essential again this year.
  9. D Lineman TBD - Either need an individual or the group to be biggest surprise of the year.
  10. Head Athletic Trainer - Hoping he and the staff have minimal “new business” to attend to during the course of the season