Porter's Notebook: Oklahoma State-Kansas

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/porters-notebook-oklahoma-state-kansas/

More takes on the new uniforms, a few streaks and (of course!) Chuba.

Gundy goes up to the Folds of Honor family every game by the way.

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Lol on the Baylor cheerleaders, I think the exact same thing every time I see the commercial.

Also, no mention of LD getting 10 yards a pop today? Dude had a run that was as good as anything we’ve seen this year.

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Two things.

  1. Did anyone else LOVE the end of the first half HCMG? Aggressive & I like it.

  2. Trace Ford is a GAM. That is all.


Anyone know where you can buy that hoodie Kasey Dunn wore?

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He did have some nice runs, didn’t notice how good until I hacked the stats . Good for him

We should make the folds of honor decal permanent on the helmet. It looked awesome

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