Possible early defections in football (NFL, Transfer, or otherwise)

Hey PFB+ members. Just thought I’d get thoughts or info from anyone that could possibly be “in the know” of anyone that may be leaning toward the NFL or greener pastures? I heard R. Williams could possibly declare and head to the NFL. Obviously people are assuming Chuba and Tylan could leave but Tylans mother made a tweet hinting that he may return. Just wondering if @marshall or any other writers may have a hunch on something they could drop in the PFB+ chamber. I’m not able to tag them so feel free if you’d like. Can’t wait to hear anyone’s guesses or inside info. Thanks in advance.

I’d highly recommend Chuba to enter the NFL Draft, but he’s not asking for my advice.


Yeah, I’m curious to see what Tylan and Chuba do. I would LOVE for them to both stay and take a full year’s run with SS ready to roll. Chuba should probably at least really consider the draft. Wallace may end up needing to stay, just because of his stock slipping.

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I think their decisions will be based on how we finish the season. If we finish strong (including a Bedlam win), I can see them both coming back since our OL will have another year, SS will be stronger, and our D will keep improving like they have been. They could see us legitimately having a shot at the Big 12.

Yup, he’s going to be projected way too high to stay. I don’t want him to stay even if he wants to. RB’s don’t have long careers and I’d feel sick if he came back and got hurt next year and lost draft stock. He’ll have an amazing combine and hopefully get taken sooner than he’s currently projected. He should probably sit out the bowl game as well, assuming it’s anything worse than the Alamo.

Olympics and being the first Canadian to win the Heisman would be the major reasons to stay. He probably would need to get an invite to NY this year to have much hope for winning next year.

I don’t think Chuba will be projected as high as we think. We’re already starting to see holes being poked, chiefly that he’s bad as a pass blocker. Which is like 40+% of what the NFL is looking for these days.


Kiper gave Chuba a day 2 NFL draft grade for now. Calls him a one cut runner who needs to be seen more in the passing game. BTW, he is the #6 ranked RB by Kiper as well - for what it is worth.

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I think Chuba could stay. Probably will in my opinion. Like was previously stated, he needs to improve his pass blocking. As great as he is, be doesn’t have many moves. He makes a cut and outruns everyone in college. That won’t be the case in the NFL. He hasn’t played American football very long. He can improve drastically.

I’d bet Wallace comes back. Needs to prove to nfl executives his knee is good. Chuba depends on his draft grade, if it’s above a 4th round grade, he’ll go.

OK, on the chance that Chuba and Tylan both decide to come back, how would that rank on the “OSU duos returning for another year” scale? I think Weeden and Blackmon would rank first due to knowing what happened the next year. But if we could leave out actual results and try to think about excitement just based on the announcement, how would Weeden/Blackmon, Smart/Brown, and Chuba/Tylan rank? Any others to add to the list?

I think Rudolph and Washington was a pretty big one. Weeden and Blackmon is hard to top tho. Has it ever been 2 guys in football tho that didn’t include a QB? I’m a little nervous for Spencer because we see how much losing Lazard and Montgomery set back Purdy. I know OSU has more talent to replace them than ISU but still. Can’t overlook losing a Biletnikoff caliber WR and the nations leading rusher.


I figure Wallace comes back, his injury is one that from what I understand can have a lot of uncertainty around it with re-injuries. If Chuba comes back I’d be really surprised, he’s young and shows it in some ways but if he is projected high enough he should go. I’d be super excited for both staying though and hope they do.

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Interesting analysis on Chuba and NFL.

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Very good points that’s many OSU fans don’t care to admit weakness in our players games.

So can anyone shed light on the Grayson Boomer situation?