Predict OSU's final ranking

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks OSU will end at. What do you think will be OSU’s final record and ranking? Bonus points if you include CFP, AP, and Coaches ranking.

Mine are OSU at 9-4 with a final ranking of #20 in CFP, #17 in AP and #16 in Coaches.

I can see 9-3 if we start Sanders and have more of a cam Newton type dual threat starting the ball every down.

Losses are OU, Tech and K-State (always have to throw in that random baffling loss) We do beat Texas and Iowa State. We finish 3rd in the big xii. Finish 14th in the coaches poll and 17th in the AP poll.



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I think we finish 10-2 with losses to Texas and ISU who end as the #1 and #2 teams in the league. A bowl win gets us an 12/11/12 finish. A bowl loss gets us a 13/14/14 finish.

OU has struggled with us recently. I think we put 'em away at home for the first time since 2011.


I put this in the comments but it’s worth repeating.

My guess? 9-3 regular season with losses to OU (may as well write that one in with pen), a really close heartbreaker at Texas, and either K-State or Tech (I’m leaning K-State because if we lose at Austin, we’ve lost our momentum and we all know how our teams work with that). Season ends with a midrange bowl game (probably Camping World again) against a decent ACC team (VTech or Virginia) that either ends with us demolishing the opponent or losing a close one on the back of a critical mistake by a player that usually doesn’t make them. We have three or four players go pro who get under-drafted/undrafted and will be called ‘steals’ in a year or two. Our recruiting ends up around 36 or 37 in the country. ‘Loyal and true’ is thrown about ad nauseum. The wheel keeps turning.

Final ranking: #22


Lol, that is very detailed. I might change my prediction to yours.