Predictions for OSU's Conference-Opener vs. Kansas State

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We like the Pokes in this one.

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Coin toss game. I think 28 points is too high. My guess is the score will be 24-21 or 21-20 but I don’t know who will win. Gonna be painful to watch like the low scoring Big 10 games.


I agree, this will prolly be a low scoring defensive game. I love our D so picking the Pokes 17-10.

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I hope hale has gotten all that out of his system. We may need him
At the last game for ksu they said Skylar was walking around fine with a brace on.
We have to win the turnover battle.
We have to stop the qb run and short te throws. Oh yea dnt let on of their fast recievers get be hind us.

Any word on the health or possible return of the Cowboy receivers?

Maybe Martin and bray back. The green that played in boise could have played,just a cut hand.

OSU 20 K State 17

The only player on offense I trust to do anything on this team is Jaylen Warren.

Osu 1-0

K State 23 OSU 20.

Once again a naysayer. Good sign for the home team.:wink::innocent::+1::point_right::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

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Whenever I pick against OSU, I always hope I’m wrong.

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It worked last week, hope it continues.

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I think they already said he’s out.

Unless their trying to be sneaky

I predict we start Cale Cabbiness at QB. Beat Kansas State at their own game. 3rd string WR throws for 400 and 4 TDs. What do we have to lose?! In all seriousness, line him up at QB for the first snap only and watch everybody in the stadium lose their sh#t. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Those pill bottles say, do not take with alcohol?
Hope ur not driving.


We have a receiver that has played a lot of quarterback.

We HAD a tight-end who played QB too. :joy:

To add to this, Gundy deserves every bit of criticism he ever takes for forcing Jelani out.