Preseason Tier List: Sorting Out Big 12 Football Contenders in 2023

What was I crying about? All I did was explain to him how I see it in Tiers. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s also not an excuse that Gundy doesn’t win titles. It’s just the fact that he doesn’t (that’s not a lame excuse). If you had a brain you would realize OU is what keeps him from possibly winning more. That’s why you’re stuck crawling on having some kind of coherent conversation among others here. Everyone else is already walking or running. Anything else you want to cry about?

Lol your crying about titles
Thats what you talk about 247
You dnt know who is on rhe team. You dnt know what the team is doing. But, you know when we dnt get a title. Cry baby cry

You’re crying about us not accepting mediocrity. Why would we? If you want to be a part of the “we used to be bad” fan base then go ahead. Nobody is stopping you. The rest of us would like to get more trophies since Gundy’s largest problem won’t be in his way any longer. So now you don’t have to cry about OU being a problem any longer. You should be more thankful than bitter.

Im crying because you bring nothing to the table. Your a sad person and i know you dnt help others have a nice day

So you’re crying just to complain about something. Thanks for proving my point. Have a good day Bob.

Its like talking to a women. What point you have no points. Did you read my post. That has every to do with you not football.

That would be a good point, but you’ve never talked to women before. Have a good day Bob.

@bill18 Interesting to look back at these. I nailed Texas (so far). I missed (as did most people) on OSU. Solid pick by you saying KU would beat OU.

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