Pretty dead in here... drum up some activity question

We’ve completed the toughest leg of our schedule. Other than OU, we’re playing the bottom half of the league. Do you think we’ll start putting up some bigger wins? Other than OU, who do you think will give us the biggest challenge?

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Can we lose all 5 games, yes will we, no.
The 4 remain have issues. Ku, tech and tcu really have bad defense. Each have given up big numbers. Even with poor offensive teams. None of these 3 show much offense either. And depend on the run alot.

We may be challenged on offense We still can move the ball. Are defense is good. Best is are front 7.
So I feel comfortable say these 3 will not without unusual help will not win.

West Virginia game is in Morgantown. They have a good defense. Actually they are a lil poorer version of us. So this would be the best chance for u gundy haters for a loss.

Ou has so many flaws who knows if they will show up.

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All remaining games will be difficult. The only variables will be whether or not we are forced to be more creative with playcalling whether or not Shane gets any run at QB, and when that “check engine light” comes on for the defense. As extraordinary as they have been, it can’t last all 12 games.

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I think the K-State, Baylor, Texas, ISU stretch is way harder than the KU, WVU, TCU, Tech stretch, and Kansas will not be hard at all. If we don’t go 4-0 over that period, it will be disappointing. I agree the hardest should be WVU with it being in Morgantown. Baylor, Texas, and Iowa State are better than all of those teams. KSU is comparable.

KSU is struggling. I would put them just above Kansas in power rankings. Maybe ahead of Tech. But that’s it. WV is better. So is ISU, Horns, Goons, Pokes, Baylor.

Why do u even talk. Of course ksu is struggling. They have played 3 of the top 5 teams. I’m glad u put them above tech since the just beat tech in Lubbock

I’ve read the prime mates post it’s best not to pay for it.
We could make a go fund to seen Joey to the pay site.

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Oh hell no, don’t expose anyone else possible to his idiotic rambling posts on the offense sucks etc…. He is boring with the same ole chit time after time like we haven’t heard it 10,000 times. I hope no one thinks he’s an OSU alum :lying_face:

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