Quarterback Pressure Could Make the Difference in Bedlam

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The Big 12’s top two pass rushing defenses will square off in Norman.

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Sterling and Peel will have a massive footprint on the game’s result. OU lives off deep balls, so the safeties will have to be on point. OU almost exclusively throws deep balls, so if you keep everything in front of you and don’t let receivers run open deep, you can make OU take small chunk by small chunk down the field, they’re more susceptible to turning the ball over and rattler may get frustrated.

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If I’m a betting man. I would bet that the team with the least talented offensive line will probably be the team with the QB that will be under a pass rush consistently most of the game.

U have to back it down. Let’s look at rattler. Nice looking qb best at hitting deep ball. Had troubles as did ou early, way. Ou went 1 and 2 against 3 of the top 6 teams. Ou looks great 3and 0, against 3 of the bottom 4 teams. Shane had better # against ku then rattler. 50 more yrds 2 more td 1 less pick. Oh yea he had a booboo. Its ku play ur second qb. Either he was at 50% like he said or he is bad. I wanted to say this first but osu grad beat me to the punch. Safeties play is going to be big in controlling rattler. Both run and deep ball. They got good receivers and system, we will get more def. Intf. Calls. But better get 15 then 50. Cant let them get more then 5 big plays.

We all know what Sanders needs not to do. No captain obvious. He should fine holes in ou secondary. He will have to be focused, run or throw ball a way if to much pressure. If bad snap run with it DO NOT HAND OFF.
He really needs a coming out game rite there in norman. One thing is he has never lost to ou.

Sadly, I agree with you. Hope Sanders can make plays with the limited protection .he will have most of the day