Quarterback to Back: OSU's Alan Bowman, Texas A&M's Jaylen Henderson Will Square Off in Postseason Debuts

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Each quarterback will be playing in his first bowl game.

This team will not look like what they did in the season. A&m has lost alot.

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If we lose to a skeleton crew A&M team that was mediocre before their coach was fired and half their team hit the portal I will be pissed. They got lucky as hell they got to play Dru Brown last time we played.

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A running QB hasn’t been good for us , being they are depleted a lot we should win this game

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We probably should win, but as bad as our defense is I wouldn’t put money on it. Will be a close game.

I think we probably should’ve beaten South Bama and UCF too, hopefully the A&M players don’t care to win this game.

Are you still on those games ? Your obsession is deep rooted isn’t it …. I guess you think if we won those it would have made a difference in the CC game ? Or a playoff appearance :joy:

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Yes, because they were awful and embarrassing. You don’t get better in recruiting and the portal by letting players know you can be bad enough to lose to such teams. Don’t you want recruiting to be better?