Quarterback Update: Gundy Puts Media in His Shoes about Quarterback Decisions

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'Who are the two that you would tell so far watching them play, ‘You’re not playing this game?’

Pretty $ure that’$ why you get paid 8.5 million bean$, Coach. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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I feel like I’m living in crazy town.
I don’t think anyone has suggested the decision is easy or obvious. It’s anything but easy or obvious.
And yet…

  1. A decision has to be made
  2. The head coach is the one who has to make the decision
  3. Pulling a guy right when he gets rolling, or throwing him into the 4th quarter cold tells you nothing about how good he is or could be.

I’m a good employee. And, I’ve been passed over for MULTIPLE jobs because there’s only one slot and I wasn’t the one. In several cases the hiring manager said they wanted to hire me as well, but they were only given one job to hire for. That’s just life.

There’s one job and three decent candidates. Mike has to make the decision.

Between this and retaining Dunn and Dickey because “they have families”, I have to conclude that Mike is conflict averse and incapable of making tough decisions at this point in his career. Which is a shame because when he took over the program and cleaned house to create a culture of character and accountability it launched OSU into the most successful period in program history.

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And none of the clever “Moufs” opened their “Moufs”.

Also love Gundy saying, “I’m not following” when the “media” tries to postulate him into a corner with their quasi-question. LOL

If I was there, I would’ve retorted: If I made 8.5 million I’d make some decisions, Coach! As per above.

Gundy: You want to get banned like Marshal Scott almost got treated? :joy_cat: :joy: :money_mouth_face: