Quentin Moore, Son of Mark Moore, Commits to Washington

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Moore is headed to the Huskies.

We don’t need a TE tbh. We have plenty on roster and we don’t really use them in our offense. It’s hard to sell a guy on us at that position since we rarely throw to the cowboy backs.

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The way we use tight ends walk on kids are just fine. Now saying that while we have an 6’7” athletic TE on our roster going on 3 years of not using the kid in red zone is quite frankly atrocious!!! Makes me think that the kid has skillets for hands but who the hell knows. I just wish the coaching staff would just say hey great kid good size but needs to work on his catching through the fall or just give us some kind of insight to their crazy under use of talent that is displayed year in and year out. It seems like they don’t get a kid real playing time till they are juniors and wast two years of their eligibility. I mean could Chuba not play more as a freshman? Too little? Grungy is so stuck in his old school way of thinking because when he played for pat jones this is what they did. If they are not ready then it’s directly related to not recruiting kids out of highschool that have a body ready for college.

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As nice as it is to have a Legacy kid choose ya, when it comes to talent compared to other recruits, this one doesn’t bother me that much. He’s a nice player, but only has 2 years left (and we don’t need him next year). Give me on if the HS kids we’re recruiting.


Exactly. We should throw Jelani’s way 20~25 times in the red zone ALONE this season!

Good luck to the young man. Mark Moore laid the wood back in the day!