Question of the Day (Bedlam)

I don’t think it’s my all-time favorite Bedlam memory, but it sure is up there… That hit that Jordan Sterns laid on Dede Westbrook in Norman in 2016 was insane. Sterns got away with murder that day.

I was a Boy Scout usher for that game. Not a whole lot of ushering to do and after standing around in the cold, we left before the game started.

The Punt

It has to be Tyreek Hills punt return.

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The 1998 game as a student. I drove back to school early and was there to watch the Cowboys ruin OUs championship hopes. It was at that moment I believed no matter the talent or record discrepancy, anything could happen in Bedlam! (It happened in 1997 in Norman too. Just wild considering those years.)

  1. Raushan is still open. I was a freshman and we got to tear down the goalposts for Nebraska and OU that year…but the Bedlam game was pure magic. Lester pulled off the gas early, Raushan could have had an SMU type game against the vaunted Mike Stoops defense (that bit hard on every play fake) that day.
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How did I forget the 1995 12-0 win, which was our first win since 1976? It was significant enough to be memorialized on our graduation medals in the spring of 1996.