Randy Rutherford on Who the Best Shooter in Oklahoma State History Is

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What damage could Rutherford do on the modern game?

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I’ve always told my son that Randy is the best shooter I’ve ever played with (and against). There is no doubt (long before reading these stats) that he is the best shooter to ever wear orange and black…and it’s not even close!


100%. I came here to say it’s not even close. Randy had a great shot, but he also had that swagger that made him great in the big moments.


I’m not a big basketball fan, but I know enough to say Randy is hands down the best to do it at OSU (no debate) . Brooks is a distant 2nd (debatable) and then the rest.

Good gosh almighty …a discussion not even worth having …RR … all the way …particularly when you factor in ALL the big games and big moments when he was ruthless with the ball in his hands !

Lucas was a very clutch shooter when you absolutely needed a bucketful