Ranking Most Likely Impact Freshmen for OSU Football

All the quarterback has to do is, throw where they can catch it instead of the ground 2 feet in front of them.

I see ur relaying just on generalized points now.
5 best passer top 15 offenses 42 td 47 points against ou 500 yards against ou beat 4 ranked teams

So an extra point or an stop is not asking for to much.
By the way I which Sanders could learn how to throw the ball away. And ran the ball. Corndog had a 61 yard run. 10 td rushing averaged the same running yards per year as Sanders. Corndog is a 6’6" pro style 2 star qb.
What ever u come up with is just u crying so stop it.

That only completes half his passes.

Once again ur only 9 % off.
Sanders doesn’t complete 50% of his red zone attempts.
Why do u try

He was 4th on their list.

Gundy lead the league one year with 52 % so who ever won the league had less. U said u could win with less then 62%. He lead the nation with 64 one year.

Thanks for proving my point because he couldn’t win the conference. You make this to easy.

Ur point was u need to have over 62% to win the conference I proved u dnt.
Just because I rote something u liked does not mean u proved anything.
When was the last time u proved something, carter was in office.

Name the last quarterback to win the big 12 with 62% or less.

U do it I dnt care. I’m more concerned about get Sanders or shane’s redzone td% over 50% and lessen r turnovers.
Completely 5 yard pass alot but not scoring wouldn’t win use anything.
U talk about gundy being to old. That would fit for u too. Ur to old to analyze ( even though I dnt think u were ever young enough).

In other words, you don’t know what you are talking about.

I think it’s well documented ur an idiot. Only u would want 75% competition ( this is howbu spell it so I will roll with it). And have less then 50% redzone td. U can have 99% completion but if the last one doesn’t score or is a pic u mite as well have 0 % completion.

Have u retired Joey u haven’t posted as him lately.