Ranking Oklahoma State's Most Likely Rivals in the New Big 12

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Explaining the spectrum that is OSU, Tech and K-State.

Texas Tech has never really threatened to win the B12. Sure in 2008, they played a game of the ages in a 39-33 victory over Texas, but later got destroyed by OU 65-something. Whereas Kansas St has won the B12 in 2003, 2012 and 2022 and has competed for others. I just cannot imagine having a rival that is not competing for the title. Maybe Tech’s new coach can do that but Kansas St has been doing that.

Three conference titles in less than 20 years? Sure wish we could do that. Oh wait, I forgot we’re in the middle of nowhere and nobody wants to come here. I’m sure Manhattan is a hidden gem that good recruits go to. Oh wait, I forgot their recruiting rankings have always been worse than ours.

We’re closer to winning another conference title as Tech is, than we are to Kansas State if we’re going to break it down in those terms. I think Tech makes the most sense as the new rival.

Tech probably makes the most sense as a rival just because they are easy to dislike. Same goes for Baylor. None of the Big 12 teams really fit like the Bedlam. Unfortunately, a byproduct of conference realignment is that it has killed long-standing regional rivalries.

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Great idea….let’s have a conference rival that has been mostly mediocre for the last 3 decades.

I think Texas Tech is would be our biggest “rival” due to their insistence that OSU copied/stole their traditions. Of course I say “rival” because it’s never going to be a natural rivalry like Bedlam was. In fact, I agree with @soothsayer. Long-standing regional rivalries are getting pushed aside in this era of college sports and it’s for the worse.

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I don’t think there’s a great rival choice that’s really going to get the fan base fired up. After 112 years of Bedlam no other team is going to fill that void. However if we’re hell bent on having a rival Tech makes the most sense based off of geography big 12 ties and similarities in schools and environments. I do like the idea of calling it the dust bowl and having a broken wagon wheel or broken wagon as the trophy.

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At least the likelihood of us going 3-15 against them isn’t real high. I would say Houston, but I’d like for us to have a winning or even record against a rival if we’re still under Gundy.

Its very likely that we get uconn and 3 from pac 12. So the rival would have to come from are pod. Ksu ku and isu

No matter who the rival is, Gundy won’t just magically start winning the conference.

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Of course, a lot depends on the coach, but not everything. There must be players in the team who are capable of winning on a regular basis. So it all comes down to the skills of the players.
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Rivalries have to happen organically over time. If anyone is close to being a rival, it’s TT due to both schools claiming dibs on similar traditions. That’s the kind of stuff that gets people fired up.

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