Ranking the 14 Mike Gundy Bowl Games, Starting with the Fiesta Bowl

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Never play Ole Miss.

If Weeden started against ole miss in 2010 the result would have been different. Instead we played Robinson, who wouldn’t been allowed to play in today’s college football because of injury and concussion protocols

Dez was awesome in the Holiday Bowl until he was hurt and left the game. We never recovered.

Goodness… I remember being excited to be playing in the Insight Bowl in 2007…

Amazing how much we’ve raised our expectations over the last decade-plus.

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In 2003 we played Ole Miss in the Cotton bowl and 2004 we played Ohio State in the Alamo bowl but you were excited about the Insight Bowl?

Sure. We had just “cleaned house” with the roster a couple of years before this and now we were back in a bowl for the second year in a row, and 4th in 5 years.