Reader Emails: OSU, Clemson Among Most Underrated Teams of the Decade

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Texas on the other hand …

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Chick fil a sucks. Overrated beyond belief for some average at best food with a high price.

Just came here to say I can’t believe Arkansas is on the over-rated list. Everyone already thinks they suck bad, it’s hard to limbo beneath those already low expectations, but the Hogs manage to do it year in and year out. Go Pig Sooie!


I had Popeye’s sandwich on Monday.

That was literally a religious experience. It IS better than CFA’s. The hype is real.

For descriptive and comparative sake:

CFA’s sandwich = “I want to speak to the manager”

Popeye’s sandwich = “Come have a shot, we all friends here”


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I think people continue to cling on to the Darren McFadden days and hope that Arkansas can be that good again.

Hire the man Porter. Fascinating way to document what we all knew intuitively. And don’t think it does not have an impact on recruit perception and their recruitment.

I haven’t gotten Popeyes yet but Chick-fil-A is overrated trash. I hate eating there. I pity the clowns that get upset that it isn’t open on Sunday.

Well get your a** to Popeye’s and get one. I would suggest going at 2:00-3:00 in the afternoon after lunch rush.

Oh, you don’t like the whole “my pleasure” after thanking them for everything schtick? Doesn’t creep you out…? :rofl:


No Popeyes in Stillwater unfortunately

That’s right, Stilly doesn’t have one. For shame.