Reader Thoughts: Is OSU ... Iowa?

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Say it isn’t so!

It’s not so. You just compared OU to Wisconsin LoL. Wisconsin lol. OU is a top 5 program of all time. Wisconsin has never won but maybe 1 conference title. The comp is laughable. We have more wins and we got against better competition every year. Every year …I’ll say it again. Every year. Comparison is laughable to pretend Wisconsin is like losing to OU… freakin please. As for Tyreek hill. We had a terrible QB… that’s not hard to figure out… kyle porter. Do better!! Walsh got hurt and Garman played QB when Tyreek was here. Garman… ill say it again Dax Garman who is easily our worst starter in 25 years. Due to injury of Walsh but still. DO BETTER KYLE PORTER.


Iowa beats their instate rival every year though.

Let’s hope OU turns into ISU.

Iowa has win against it’s rival 12 times since 2000. Doesn’t sound like we are Iowa.

Is it hard to ignore context or do you find it easy?

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Thank you! The analysis on this site is obviously from people who never played football.

The reason the Gooners consistently beat us is simple - their OLine play always dominates our DLine. OU’s OLine coach is by far their MVP - even over Riley (who I think is second only to Dabo as far as young, innovative head coaches). Pair OU’s dominant OLine with their ability to attract incredible transfer QBs, and you have unstoppable offensive schemes.

Everyone has an OU problem - not just Gundy. The real problem occurs if or when the Gooners ever field a dominant defense.


We are DEFINITELY NOT Iowa. How many times have they won ten games, twice? We’ve done it six times in the not so distant past. Look I know people are frustrated right now, but please stop with these ridiculous takes. Iowa would get smashed in the Big 12. We’re a top three program and are legitimately a few plays from winning several more Big 12 titles. 11th in wins in CFB the last decade. Please have some perspective, geez.


Ferentz has won 10+ 5x.

Who is the apt Big 10 comparison if not Iowa?

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Iowa has won 10+ games exactly one time this decade. We’ve done it six times… Exactly what is the comparison here?

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That OSU and Iowa are teams that are generally good, but not truly competitive with the top tier of the conference.

Name the comparison you think is more appropriate or stop whinging.

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Dude. We’ve won ten gamed 5 times more than they have. There is NO comparison. They haven’t come close to winning their conference once. We’ve been a few plays away from winning multiple.

We’re a hell of a lot closer to Wisconsin (7 ten win seasons this decade) then Iowa (1 ten win season this decade). So there’s your comparison.

If anything we’re a better version of Michigan State, who also has 6 ten win seasons this decade.

Need I go on for you? A comparison to Iowa is a joke, much like whatever argument you’re trying to make over there.

We’re not Michigan State. They’ve won the conference 3x during Dantonio’s tenure. Since this is neither horse shoes nor hand grenades, “a few plays” does no good. We’re a worse Michigan State playing fewer Blueblood or fringe Blueblood teams.

If being compared to Wisconsin is so much better than Iowa have at it. They’re both fine comparisons. Neither are elite although both are good. I’d put us in the middle of them. I don’t get being bent out of shape being compared to Iowa. We’re in exactly the same boat with the coach.

Agree to disagree. Somehow we find ourselves scoffing at 10+ win seasons which are incredibly difficult to do. The fact that we’ve done it six times this decade is crazy difficult while having to play everyone in our conference, unlike Iowa.

I will give you Michigan State winning their conference more, especially wins over Ohio State, who is a more apt comparison for OU than Wisconsin. I agree with you about how being close to winning isn’t good enough. Nonetheless, we could easily be sitting here with three big 12 titles.

My take on Iowa is similar to @kyleporterCBS on Iowa State. Win 10+ on the regular this decade then come talk to me about OSU comparisons.


Holy crap… Do you need to be so insulting guys. It’s just a thought someone had and Kyles response was literally “I have no comment but here is 2 pictures of their records the last 20 years.”

No wonder PFB wanted to get rid of the comments.

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I’d say Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Oregon, Stanford, TCU, Baylor, Florida, Ole Miss, etc. all kinda fall into the same category. Annually solid programs that can’t recruit with the blue bloods, but have solid programs that can make a run every 3-4 years when they are “mature” at key positions AND in the trenches.

Programs like OU, Texas, tOSU, Michigan, Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, USC, Clemson are the “blue bloods” that get whoever they want in recruiting and some struggle with their systems, coaching and culture but will get their jimmy’s and joe’s every year no matter what. This quality depth in the trenches and at the skill positions will always give them the upper hand on the first group of teams unless their system, coaches or culture are REALLY struggling (Texas, USC).

Keep in mind, the blue bloods have to “feed the monster” so they spend a fortune on recruiting, coaches and facilities. More than teams like OSU can ever spend. The real question is can OSU ever break into that blue blood status. Sadly, I think due to finances and tradition the answer is no. The ONLY way we could would be to overcome the significant odds against us and win the NC for a couple years to start swinging those jimmy’s and joe’s our way (Clemson model).

Honestly, if we are running a clean program, graduating players and getting high character guys I’m fine with where we are. :blush:

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Time for track, baseball. wrestling to start coasting because striving to be the best is just to much.

That’s not even a fair response to the issue. You can’t honestly believe our fb program is just “coasting.” Silly…

THANK YOU!! It was just a fun discussion topic. An interesting idea to get your thoughts moving a different direction. I hadn’t thought of that and I’m not versed on other teams to pick a better choice but I’m not about to crucify the reader or the blog for it. I thought it was a neat idea to consider!

People are being real judgmental & harsh for just an interesting idea.

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