Reassessing How OSU's 2016 Recruiting Class *Actually* Ranks Four Years Later

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Re-ranking OSU’s 2016 class with the benefit of hindsight.

Larry Williams started 12 games in 2018. So he is at least a 3 star by this system.

I like the concept, but it definitely has some holes. The biggest of which I see just off the top is that a multi year starter at a smaller program might not ever touch the field at a bigger one.

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Good article. I really like the idea of what it is and wouldn’t mind seeing this again next year for the 2017 class.

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On the other hand, it does show you what the teams were able to do with the guys they did get. How much credit for Justin Fields should Georgia get? Sure it juiced their recruiting, but what was the actual value add?

I do think this is an interesting idea. I also think that looking at the impact of walk ons, a Gundy strength, would be interesting and a better fit into the format used to reassess scholarships players. Here is the challenges I see with this format on scholarship players.

Seems like teams that lack depth and don’t improve their recruiting ranking will do well. It is these instances players see the field early and become multiple year starters which improves their star status. However, if the performance on the field is lacking then playing multiple years is not effective but improves ranking.

Bundage is a great example. My memory says he was originally a 4 star by one service. He looks like an impact player, but despite his extensive playing time his performance has produced mixed results at best.

Another example is Henson’s first offensive lineman class. Due to entrenched starters these recruits were allowed to redshirt and slowly be worked into the rotation last year. The starters last year were pressed into service earlier in their careers due to depth and injury issues. I think the results on the field will improve for the O line as Henson’s class becomes starters. In this system the recruiting ranking will be diminished if the next generation of players start less games then the previous starters unless they become eligible for a 5 star rating.