Recap: Cowboys Earn Their Must-Win, Send Sooners Packing 57-49 in Round 1 of Big 12 Championship

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The Cowboys move on in Kansas City.

You guys think we’re in?

Also we got swept by Texas this year, did not split the series .

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Hope the other bubble teams lose so we sneak in. Texas will beat our ass like a drum if we play like this tomorrow.


Before conference play started I thought 8-10 with a first round win in the big 12 tourney gets you in. I still think that’s true. I wouldn’t recommend going out tomorrow and being uncompetitive against Texas. Play tomorrow like they did today and Texas will clobber OSU. OSU looked tired for most of the game. Not sure why.

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Texas is gonna make a show
And then stub their toe so they can relax and wait for selection Sunday

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Don’t get me wrong, a bedlam win is always nice, especially a 3 game sweep, but that might be the worst OU team I’ve ever seen. I wonder if this is the worst football/basketball year in their history. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep, probably so. And Gundy pissed it away. F!!!


I don’t but we’ll see what happens

Wisconsin getting beat helps. Michigan beating Rutgers today will help too. Need Illinois to beat Penn State.

If Rutgers and PSU win and we get thumped we’re out for sure.

One or two losses by the big 10 bubbles and a good showing by us may be enough if we lose.

Beat TX and I think we are in for sure.

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Hopefully Texas decides they want some extra rest and let us get a win.

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It’ll be hardfought but we have Cisse where we didn’t before . Too bad about Avery . I kinda think we have a shot . That’s probably just the Poke inside me ready to be hurt again out on the dusty trails .

Welp that garbage ass Michigan team getting spanked doesn’t help. We might really need this win tonight.

Maybe if Kalib Boone starts playing well again. What the heck happened to him? He is arguably our best player and he doesn’t start?

What else happened when he started fouling and bench warming? We lost several games and played crappy last night, except for Boones replacement.

To me this seems like Boynton is tired of preaching to him about bringing his game every night and not taking naps during games or parts of games. Smith is bringing his game. So is Cisse. If we could get all 3 of them playing hard, we would be difficult to beat.

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Boone was cooking when he wasn’t getting doubled every time he touched the ball. Now other teams wised up to it and it’s got him in a funk I what I can tell. If Cisse had any bit of offense that would help immensely.