Recap: Cowboys Get Thumped by Frogs, OSU Falls to No. 22 TCU 100-75

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OSU suffers its worse loss of the season.

Not going thur boone was where it ended

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Boone can’t stay away from silly fouls. Has to be smarter than that

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Need more basketball IQ guys mixed in with the athleticism

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Was traveling yesterday and didn’t get to watch, but my question: how does Boone only get 10 mins?

I know he got in early foul trouble, but he ended the game with three fouls. You don’t get to carry the un-used fouls over to the next game.

Really doesn’t matter, tho’: story of the game was “100.”

This team got to a comfortable spot and threw out the anchor. A tournament bid is going to get dicey…


I don’t understand Boyntons reasoning when you are getting your asx blown out. Boone got two before the 10 minute mark in the first. Got his third before the 15 minute in the second. I wouhave left him in , see if he could learn to play with 3-4 fouls

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