Recap: Cowboys Show Potential in Orange and Black Dual

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Lewallen, Mastrogiovanni, Witcraft, Ferrari and Surber all shined.

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Were almost there cant wait to start the season

Looks like new uniforms because they now have lettering on the chest. Good look although not sure why they are lettered and striped in white instead of black. Are there no open meets this season due to COVID?

It looks like to me that either Surber or Ferrari could beat Dakota if either could get down to 184 and make us a stronger team. Either one will be an undersized heavyweight. We saw what Harris did last year when being undersized at heavyweight. Win a few, but never able to compete against the really big guys. Doucet has a better chance of growing into that, Impressed with Surber. We need to find a spot for him in the lineup.

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Is that Ferrari in the photo? If that kid doesn’t look a lot like Mike Sheets there my 20/10 vision must be down to 20/100!

Really surprised the Lewallen-Gfeller match wasn’t really close. Who was the biggest surprise of the day, Mastrogiovanni, no???

Do you think Surber could make 84? I seriously doubt Ferrari would do it, his eventual goal is to move to heavywt.

This room is WAY too talented for guys like Austin Harris or Andrew Neiman to sniff the starting lineup. No offense to them, as I am sure they work their tails off. However, we were already going to have some All-American caliber wrestlers on the bench. Seems to me that we can figure out a way to move guys around to get our best 10 wrestlers in the lineup, especially since this is a bit of a throw-away year that will not affect eligibility.

Glad to see Witcraft having to commit to 125. The lineup shuffling these last couple years has been annoying at best. I don’t remember that much shuffling in any of the other… 25? seasons I’ve followed the Cowboys.

Excited for Sunday!