Recap: Oklahoma State Defeats Iowa State 20-14 Thanks to Sanders' Return and Stout, Stingy Defense

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OSU’s offense is a different animal with No. 3.

Look, as depleted as we are, our last three games are the worst three teams in the league. We have a chance to win out. Hopefully, some people can get healthy.


Bedlam at norman will be tuff. But at home with west virgina looks good. They did go to a back up qb to beat uo.


If we were full-strength, Bedlam would be a cakewalk, but with the team like it is now, it’s a bad matchup.


Watched OU/WVU today. OU really sucks. If Sanders plays we win in Norman.

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One thing with all the injuries the kids ate getting good experience. Some know what there doing now.


If Sanders plays and finishes in Bedlam, we have a good shot. However, OU is going to be a desperate team to win that 6th game and as always, the ghosts of Bedlam past has a way of coming back. Haven’t won back to back Bedlams in 20 years.


Could you remind @robert28 who the last 2 coaches to win back to back Bedlams were?

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Did you see that were winners again. Tell me the last coach to win17 season in a row.

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:rofl: :rofl: Sure. It was Les Miles.

@firegumby when you get back from being banned, tell me what you think of Sanders.


I was frickin fired up to see Sanders come in. I’m sure my boss seen me on camera screaming and hollering haha. Probably going to have to wait till next season to see if Jackson gets more carries but I just got this great feeling about him. Was very happy to see running lanes get clogged up and more man defense today in the passing game with some pressure. Was super great to see a lot of Oliver in this game too. I was about to turn off my phone if Junior threw another int, I think we might have seen all the mustard he can put on the ball but I bet it takes a lot of his arm strength to throw left to right. I can see where he wants to go with the throw but it’s not getting there in better time. Some guy at work was talking about a QB we had that left to another school that had a ton of yards in highschool but all his passes were short for long gains. It’s been bugging me all night who was he? I think it was before Lunt and maybe Weeden. He was a touted guy out of Colorado maybe?

Sanders for 2023 I hope lol. Will he return, I hope so.

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With those hints its hard to figure out lol.
Robinson was from Colorado but never left.
The only qb that left were reid,wes, daxx,and shane.
My bet is on daxx.

On gunnar well he did come in against a real top 10 defense. I believe in the law of average 12 pass is not a large enough to do statistics on. I do think his last pic was trying to make it happen deal.
Lets look at a couple of four star qb. Gr got his first start last week against ku. Not the best defense. Still throw 3 pics. He came in at 170 lb i think. Dude got to get some weight on. He missed half of his senior year lasted 1 game here. Could be an issue.
Dekker is a four star 3rd year guy. He has thrown 3 pic in 2 of his last 3 games. I sure pressure to win is their. But it wasnt pressure from our front for most of the game.

Not overly sticking up for gunnar. But. When sanders is in and we get a hold and are 1 and 20 how many 1st downs did he get in his career. Drops, flags and constant pressure for your first start.

Don’t know about Gunnar. That deep ball to Richardson was amazing, but not a lot else. Tough D to start your first. Maybe sitting some more, getting some more conditioning and he’ll improve.

Fired up about Sanders being back still. Gah I hope he’s back in 2023. In my own opinion I think he’s special. I kinda really like Rangel I think he has a cannon and not too stiff in the pocket. I believe if the line can get more consistent he can be special too.

I wasnt picking on gr. Its just they both have deals they need to work on. Gunnar is faster then gr. They did face 2 different defenses.

Yes it would be great to get sanders another year

Agreed I do like gr’s legs. I think He’s better suited as a option style of attack offense but I think we just primarily run a spread uptempo offense most games. If he does actually become the face of the future as long as he can win games and build up more arm strength I’m actually fine with him. I just don’t think anyone behind Sanders is ready yet and I think we got the tools again next year for 1 more run.

He still sucks.

Lol poor guy. Have another winning season.