Recap: Oklahoma State Falls in Bedlam 28-13, Despite Shutting Out OU over the Final Three Quarters

It would not be the dumbest thing OSU could do
“Gundy is the best coach in OSU history…”

“Gundy has done a phenomenal job getting the program to relevance but he clearly can do nothing more.” Pricely on point!

Pistols ought to be FIRING!! This is for all you idiot Gundy supporters. What is his record against OU or other big games that matter to compete in the National Championship? Granted, OSU beat Notre Dame, but they were down and just lost their long-term coach (

Too many short comings in this game to even mention in this game but including: Coming out once again unprepared in the first quarter, and making the game effectively out of reach. Coach playing a QB that hasn’t practiced because the player wants to play because there are no viable alternatives. No sense of urgency even though down by 4 TDs. Plays in late. Poor play calling. Why does OSU give up and punt the ball away at the end of the game down by 2 TDs? Gundy no longer knows how to be competitive and instead has learned how to be just good enough to satisfy all the folks that continue to be impressed with his “winning record”, which allows him to keep the cushy $7.5 million to be a “good” coach. OSU deserves more than a coach that is content with just having a winning record, whatever that means.

The reality is nothing on this blog or any other message board matters. With T Boone gone, there are no longer any strong voices in OSU athletics. As written earlier this year on this blog:

"A week before the start of his 18th season as Oklahoma State’s head football coach (and one week after showing off his one-armed pushup form), Mike Gundy says he’s feeling as good as he has in years.

And who could blame him?

OSU is coming off its first Big 12 Championship appearance and returns a loaded defense, a fourth-year starter and all-conference honoree at quarterback and skill talent in oodles.

Earlier this month, Gundy turned 55 — that’s A Man plus 15 years — and he’s not opposed to going at least another decade if things continue at this clip."

Having gone to OSU back when winning mattered

Until the fan base realizes this as good as it gets, OSU will never be better than a potential top 20 team each year, and folks at OSU ought to just be satisfied with a winning record while other schools, such as TCU strife for more. There was a time when OSU actually strived for more with very good coaches that were paid less and moved on. Gundy is content with being a big fish in a small pond. This is accepted because the fan base has grown to believe the University will never be nore than a sml pond. Regardless of the record, Gundy ought to be ashamed and so should all his loyal supporters. “A Man* plus 15 years” is guilty of yet another year of under-delivering with a team that ought to have been able to be competitive in the big games that mattered. Yet, he continues to blane everyone but himself.

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Most likely wasting your time. I’ve tried for a couple years with no success.

I will admit the gameplan for Saturday was pathetic. That was a game I felt like OSU should have had a better opportunity to win, but OSU wasn’t favored to win that game. Gundy’s bedlam record of 3-15 is horrible, but let’s not forget Pat Jones had a 0-10-1 Bedlam record with Barry Sanders on a few of those teams.

What would OSU fans rather have:

A coach like Mike Boynton who is competitive with OU and wins a respectable amount in that game, but underperfoms elsewhere.

Or, a coach like Mike Gundy that underperforms in Bedlam and outperforms everywhere else.

I would pick the Mike Gundy scenario and especially since playing OU is about to be a thing of the past.

Yeah & beating OU in Memorial Stadium is a much, much, much different animal than beating OU in the Lloyd Noble.

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I was comparing OSU the last 10 years to Baylor the last 10 years so obviously you agree that Baylor has done more and we all know that they’ve had their setbacks. Look where Baylor was when Gundy began as HC. They’ve had 3 conference titles in the last 10 years we’ve had zero. I don’t see us building to anything just repeating the same cycle. One good season without a conference title then the middle of the conference for the next 4 seasons.
And please quit bringing up the playoffs. I don’t run before I walk. Teams don’t make the playoffs till they get a coach who can win the conference. Gundy has been involved with this program 32 seasons. In those seasons he’s won 1 conference title and 5 Bedlams. That’s 5 in 32 attempts.

I agree Baylor has had higher highs in the last 10 years. It’s also a little easier place to recruit to being closer to the in-state TX kids. I also can see your point of being stagnant as a program. I’ve said that I really think OSU is at a crossroads after this season if Sanders leaves. I’m on board with both of those concerns if I were a Cowboy fan. If you guys said that……& then followed it with hoping Gundy gets it figured out. Or saying if he goes into the tank that he should step down. I’d be on board with all of that. But you guys lose me when you say he should be fired or forced out after this season. You guys need to understand where your program is. You need to understand where it could fall to. You need to understand that with the success Baylor has had……they’re on their 3rd HC. They went through a major scandal. They’re likely going to be losing Aranda quickly as well. OSU isn’t as insulated with recruits to simply pick right up and never miss a beat. You guys are fine to be concerned and want more. But I don’t very many of you are aware of just how far in the opposite direction it could go.

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That would be my expectation too, but in case you haven’t noticed some of the other programs that are going to make up the new Big 12 conference have figured out how to deal with recruiting and NIL. Texas Tech is one of those schools. I’m really afraid we’re going to find ourselves behind the curve in this new conference unless the NCAA starts putting limitations in place when it comes to NIL.

If we can’t obtain decent depth or have a functioning offense when a player or two goes down I have a hard time believing we’ll be one of the top teams in the new conference. There was literally nobody drastically better than us in the conference this season and we aren’t even going to be a top three team. This season in the conference has been an example of what happens when a starting QB goes down coupled with an incompetent OC and a crap shoot when it comes to recruiting.

So, in your opinion when do you stop cutting bait? It’s been 11 years since we won the conference. Do we wait till 15? 20? Or till Kansas comes from the bottom like Baylor to win 3 conference titles in 10 years?

Gundy leaves when he wants. He’s earned it.

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I’ll ask you the same question I’ve asked before.

Name me a coach that has won as much as Gundy, while at a school similar to OSU?

What type of “next level” should OSU be winning at?

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Much like Baylor, I think we should be winning the conference 3 times in 10 to 12 years. Also, I ask you “name one school who has kept a coach 18 years that averages 4th in the conference has only won 1 conference title and pays him in the top ten to twelve of all coaches?”

In the six years that we’ve had the conference championship game back, Baylor has made it twice and TCU has made it twice. Gundy is just not good. He’s better than average but there’s always three teams in the conference that step up while he can’t.

Bill Snyder. ( 2 in 25yrs)
Kirk Ferentz ( 2 in 23 yes)
R.C. Slocum (2 in 14yr)
Mike Bellotti ( 2 in 13yrs)
Frank Beamer (4 in 28)
Spike Dykes (0 in 13)
Jackie Sherrill ( 2 in 13)
Grant Teaff ( 2 in 20)
Dan McCarney ( 0 in 12)

Those are all similar to Gundy. Add Mike Leach who bounced around, but keeps getting jobs. There are absolutely more than that. I just don’t have time to go find all of em. I don’t know the salaries of any of those guys outside of Ferentz, who is an absolute payroll bandit

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Bill Snyder never made more than 3.5 million. Most K State fans think he should have retired after winning in 2012.

Snyder should’ve made whatever the hell he wanted. Every game that program wins is due to Bill Snyder and what he made. Anybody who complains about anything Snyder did oughta have their nuts kicked in. It’s the single greatest coaching job in college football

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I love that. It’s theirs, they built it and they can hamper it if they want. Actually I’m to the point, I hope Gundy stays 20 more years. I mean 1 conference title in 38 years is something to brag about.

Are you sure you’re not a Sooner fan? You sound an awful lot like my homeboys over at SoonerScoop

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I’m not a Sooner fan but I do see why a Sooner fan would want Gundy to stay at OSU forever.

More Bedlam losses than any coach in the history of Bedlam.

More losses to OU than any other team in the last 18 seasons.

Even when OU is at it’s worst, they can count on Gundy making them feel like champions.

Actually, no. I hope you guys do fire him. He’s elevated Bedlam to what it is now……a rivalry. Les lit the fuse & Mike has ran with it. OU has had the best 20 year run in the history of the program & Bedlam is a fight every year. So I hope you can the only guy who has made me worry about losing Bedlam. My first Bedlam was in 1995 & I’ve gone to 13 of em altogether. Gundy was on the sidelines to serve us up the worst a** whipping we’ve taken in the series since the 40’s. So go ahead……fire him.

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“Gundy leaves when he wants. He’s earned it.” I have never read anything so incomprehensible but unfortunately it likely reflects the attitude of most Gundy supporters. But why not just look at what TCU has done. Patterson was also 181-79 and like Gundy had the school’s best winning record. Patterson knew when it was time to leave and “stop the noise.” Problem is the noise at OSU is all BS because (1) we have a coach that no other program, accept maybe a high in Stillwater, would want, and (2) Gundy is the most overpaid coach based on what he delivers. Why would Gundy ever leave, when fans idle him to the point “he can leave when he wants.” A year after Patterson leaves or is let go, they are likely playing for a National Championship. So there is not another Sonny Dykes out there, and the fans and players gave to accept a neutered coach that lacks the fortitude to coach a youth soccer team? Most critics will say standout players do not want to come to Sillwater and there are a lot more attractive schools. However, it is difficult to argue Norman is more attractive than Stillwater. The difference is culture and the fan base that is so apathetic to make such idiotic statements.

“Likely playing for a National Championship”

Hey, you wanna put some money on that prediction? If so, message me.