Recap: Oklahoma State Falls in Bedlam 28-13, Despite Shutting Out OU over the Final Three Quarters

Try looking at OU’S record from 1970 to 1989. At least 10 seasons with a winning percentage above 90%. In the last 20 you’ve had 1.

Arguing Stillwater as a town VS Norman? Dude, I love Stilly. I got in many a fights at the Weed. I saddled many a heifer in the parking lot too. But you’re an hr from what most of these kids would call civilization. You make a few valid points…….don’t let ‘em get lost by getting too far out over your skis brotha.

Patterson was replaced after averaging 5 wins his last 4 years. Bad comparison.
TCU is located within a stones throw of enough players in the DFW area to keep any program afloat. Again……bad comparison.

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You are correct. My apologies.

Second best 20 year span.

You have a valid concern here. It’s my hope that the NCAA or someone gets control of this NIL debacle soon or the game itself as we know it is going to be ruined, OSU not being competitive because of the NIL will pale in comparison to all the other negative effects that will ensue.

I’m an idiot. Im an OU fan, on an OSU site, arguing from the PRO COWBOY stance. You guys got me.

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Well keep it up. I’d rather have you around than the trolls who post constantly and can’t make a single point

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  1. Patterson was let go as he really stank his last few years
  2. While what Dykes and TCU is doing this year is great what is happening now could just be a perfect storm situation. Considering him a “good hire” needs a few more data points, seasons, before that judgement can be valid.
  3. I’m sure there other coaches like Dykes out there, identifying them successfully and getting them to actually take the job is a very tall mountain to climb
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Trolls and OU fans, now there’s a comparison! On the other hand, anyone who has experienced heffers at the Weed likely knows his stuff. TCU is a bit of a long shot so I might need some odds but all the loyal Big 12 teams will be pulling for them. Patterson was offered as inspiration only.

If OSU is going to clean house, it should not only be Gundy but the Paddle People as well. TV cameras love to focus in on all the idiots pounding their paddles against the wall to demonstrate how redneck the fan base is. The Paddle People can go with Gundy. The two are equally embarrassing but at least one shows some emotion.

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The Paddle People are awesome. Please don’t push them out the door with Gundy.

They need to cut down on the 2am Walmart customer vibes a bit I think.

Yep, if OSU must have Paddle People, and it is difficult to find any support for such a redneck and obnoxious tradition, can it be at least a lot less redneck? Is it any coincidence that it all started under the mullet era? Does OSU really need such obnoxious and distrating fans to win a game? At least it ought to be clever like ASU’s Curtain of Distraction. Some traditions, like a coach that has lost his drive, ought end. Fans admired Gundy back when he was on the sideline working with a whiteboard and trying to find a way to win a game. Now it’s just all about Gundy, whether it’s taking off his shirt in front of the student body, doing one-arm pushups for the canera, wearing an OAN shirt, or getting employment for his wife. OSU deserves better.


There was a time when OSU was not afraid to make chages and strived to have great coaches that later went on to the NFL (even if the coach did have an ego and attraction for coeds). Now the team is saddled with a coach that has never gotten over being a player with the spotlight on him (wich had more to do with having two of the greatest RBs around him), that by his own admission is “use to getting his butt kicked” and doea not seemed bothered by it, and that can really only be supported by the OU faithful.


You’re right. We even have an OU fan on this site screaming for us to keep Gundy. Geez!!! I wonder why that could be :man_shrugging:?

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