Recap: Oklahoma State Falls to Kansas 87-76, Ends Five-Game Win Streak

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The Cowboys fall short after a fast start.

Those turnovers were awful. Gave the ball away without being forced so many times.

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They played hard but not very smart in this one. Kansas is the better team right now. Need to finish the regular season strong.

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To me this is the biggest reason KU was the better team.

KU - 26 assists 10 turnovers
OSU - 9 assists 15 turnovers

Both teams shot the ball well but when the assist to turnover ratio is like this…hard to win against a top team.


I have always been on boynton’s offense, but 76 points on relatively good numbers is ok. Lets put it this way. If we would have scored 76 points in all the big 12 games so far we would be 11 and 2.
It was the 87 that killed use. We could ask the team to make a shot here or there. The most glaring thing had to be the 20 points off our transition defense. Sure 15 turnovers is not good but we are who we are. Lol

The end of the first half really reflected the game: we refused a last shot opportunity in favor of a 1-against-2 wild fast break chance; KU took the ensuing inbounds and passed precisely and strategically to get its best shooter an open 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Came away feeling we’re as athletic – maybe moreso – than KU. But not as well-oiled.


Smart basketball IQ guys we lack and have lacked under boynton.

I have to give Boynton credit for his recent success. They are finally looking more like a team. Lots of work to go, but its looking better than it was, for sure.

Those sloppy turnovers were just daggers in the back that kept on getting twisted . We were in it for a long time, I thought (hoped) maybe KU’s foul trouble would make the difference at the end but we’re only so so at the charity stripe . Getting a little better there but not enough .

We did a great job playing body discipline but our ball discipline was glaring .

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I would have liked to have seen Coach use a timeout or two earlier in the game. Especially early in the 2nd half when Dick come out on fire and we were turning the ball over. He waited until the under 16 TV timeout to get the guys to the bench. A lot of folks around me in the stands were saying the same thing. Call timeout and get settled down. Don’t know if it would have helped or not but maybe…?? can’t take timeouts home with ya.

I would also like to see Coach get after the refs more. When the 5 second call on KU happened and Self got after the officials, the fouls started evening up and KU started to bully us a little in the paint, especially #10. He ran over Boone once coming in off the elbow and a little later he pushed off and went over the back for an offensive rebound. No call on either one. I think that was a direct reflection of Self challenging the officials. I never saw Boynton get after the officials once and he had opportunities.