Recap: Oklahoma State Wins 11th Straight Bedlam Dual

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OU hasn’t won a Bedlam dual since 2013.

I wonder which weight John Smith was alluding to when he was talking about ranking matches besides at 285? His wife would kill him if he pitted Shomers against Joe Smith. Kaden Gfeller is injured so it won’t be at 141. Joe Smith looks great during parts of most matches but then it might not end in his favor. Either not in top condition yet due to starting season late, or else that injury is still having an effect?
Have to tune in to the John Smith radio show Monday night to see the topic of ranking matches comes up. I think it could because Rex is going to again ask him when we might see Brock Martin.

Smith mentioned, another weight, just spitballing but I’m thinking 174

174 is the only other weight that makes sense for ranking. I think after some matches John Smith is bothered by some things that he saw and then he says something in the moment but then mulls it over later with a calmer mind and then does not always stick to his guns. I just can’t see him keeping his son out of the lineup during his last season. But then again, Shomers has sacrificed so much for the team during his time here. The way I saw it, Joe was trying to follow his coach’s dictates that they keep trying to separate the score. So he went for that late takedown when he was out of gas and made that mental mistake with the legs that his father mentioned.

i agree, let Geer go back to his natural weight (assuming he beats montalvo)

From last season to this season (even this season alone from beginning til now) - no one on this squad has improved as much as Sheets. He’s had a really nice season.

Geer is wrestling at his natural weight… He has been very vocal about enjoying this year more and not having to worry about cutting so much and feeling fatigued in matches.