Recap: OSU Suffers Worst Loss to Kansas Since 1991 in 37-16 Defeat

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OSU’s 12-game winning streak over KU snapped in stunning fashion.

I’m sorry but stunning fashion? Really?

Rangel has got some great potential. I would love to see some TE play/usage. Seeing Pettigrew play was a treat when we had him. I’d like to see Jackson be future at RB. I got a lot to say but still at work. Still not impressed with Mason. Gundy would be fine at QB if we run option, read option, or true RPO. I’m still not impressed with Dunn after all these years either. Gundy has got to take a real hard look at the Coordinator positions. He should know way better by know and know he’s smart.


Yea for me the Jury is out still on Dunn. Mason however has not impressed and probably should go If there is a DC of Knowles caliber out there willing to come to OSU.

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Rangle looked decent for a first game true freshman. Did seem to be able to read the defense but I like him. He took some shots today too. Defense ??? What the hell !! Gheez, arm tackling, porous Dline, they ran up the middle, either side … Mason has some work that I don’t know if he’s capable. The wheels have come off

That 2-4-5 I understand the concept but 2 years isn’t enough time to fully install it. It’s so suspect on the gut runs. If I could get 3-4 yards a carry against it I wouldn’t even throw a pass the entire game almost. These kids have little experience with the zone too. Jim was all about pressure and making these guys play man. I love how Kansas runs the option offense and makes adjustments. Lance is rising coaching star. I think he is brilliant with his offense. I think they can win out. They may be the favorites next season. I could be wrong but if they keep getting better and building that energy going watch out.

Yea I haven’t looked at the stats but I’m betting that the turnovers and the inability of the D to get off the field and allowing chunk plays was a very large factor in OSU’s demise. Our Offense while not great really didn’t have a chance due to the other factors stated above.

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I thought Mason was supposed to run the same defense Knowles ran , except for tweaking it a little. Whatever he’s running is not working. What surprises me is we were decent the fist 6-7 games and now we give up 350 yards rushing a game …. It seems Mason has lost these kids for some reason. Arm tackling, not wrapping up. Turnovers are hard to win with 3-4 OL is a big problem

I don’t know, seems they take bad angles on defense. Bean is fast, he’s just as good as the starter, but the busted tackles is a puzzle, we let them have 7-8 30 yards or more plays
Gundy didn’t seem his usual self in the post presser. I can see why

Well you can stop going on about gundy. I actually hope gundy didnt get screwed.

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At this point, I would rest the starters and injured against Iowa State so they can get healthy and ready for Bedlam. The season is lost in terms of playing for the Big 12 title, NY6 bowl, playoffs, etc. Let the young guys get more playing experience.

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Chance of winning Bedlam less than 10%.

@michael13 Yes the defense has degraded significantly over the last several games. Looking from the outside it’s hard to tell exactly why but it is for sure more than one thing. For me IMO one of the biggest things is that teams have figured out our weaknesses and are exploiting them to the max. Mason hasn’t been able to adjust to that fact which is a big problem. Also D players for whatever reason, frustration, being out of position all the time, injury, you name it have lost their discipline and it’s showing up in bad tackling, poor angles (as you mentioned) among other issues. This is very hard to watch after the recent success we have had on D. Also Gundy did seem to be a bit overwhelmed at the post game presser. I can imagine that he is boiling inside over this complete breakdown of the team.


It’s amazing to me that everyone is shocked. 15 of the 18 seasons Gundy has lost at least 3 games. This is the Gundy that y’all have always bragged on.

What else is new? I’d rather have a healthy team in Bedlam.

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Every team would like to be healthy. How many games had the Kansas backup quarterback won before yesterday?

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I haven’t seen a 4-2-5 formation line up all season. Very little pressure and a lot of zone. I’ve played zone defense before and have a very destaining taste for it. It’s good for deep coverage but everyone has be on the same page and understand their coverage. Most teams that run zone are under talented. These guys we have in the secondary are quite talented and some could play on Sunday one day. I loved Jim’s philosophy on defense. Very simple and effective. You could take average players and make it work. I love defense more than offense.

I’m not going after Gundy exactly. Very smart coach. If he goes on to another school I’m sure success will will follow just like the coaches in the past. Really only been going after Mason. I can live with Dunn if I had to. If you put that 2-4-5 on paper against let’s say a basic pistol formation with 2 wideouts and TE on either flank, a fullback behind the QB blocking for the RB hitting the either of the interior holes. There’s yards to be gained. Easily 2-3+ yards every time on average. 2 linemen in the Gap’s, you got 2 basically LBs outside near the edge. What you got is a box with the 2 interior LBs and 2 tackles. The zone defense is another issues. I just think it’s ridiculous the run yards given up. Didn’t have proper time to describe this, at work. Not out looking for an argument just to vent on this defensive style.

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I like Gundy a lot, never wanted him fired or gone. I get irritated by somethings like normal people do. Hopefully Sanders will be back and Mason will change the defense up. Hate to have the old OSU mentality of “Just Beat OU” but it would make the rest of the season for me because of these guys I work with. Next season I feel we are still pretty good like last season to really do something especially if we still have Sanders. If we have have another season like this one I think the coordinators need severely evaluated then go from there.