Record Book Reset: Oklahoma State’s Career Receiving Lists Post Tylan Wallace

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Dillon Stoner climbed up some lists, as well.

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Kind of hard to make out we throw to one guy. Since two have great numbers

I have said it from before he arrived… Stoner is a STUD! He was under utilized in my opinion. That is due to having inexperience in Sanders to see him. He had Wallace and just threw it his direction the majority of the time. Really wasn’t a bad plan but had too many other targets to throw to. Should have been used more…

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But I would have to research but Sanders really just targeted Wallace the majority of the time. The defense knew it, and if smart, double teamed him.

Oh I know that. I know stoner numbers should have been more.
I hope Sanders turns that switch on. We got plenty of new targets.

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I find it kinda amazing that Hart Lee Dykes is still in the top 5 of some these records considering the era he played in was more running game oriented.


Was going to say the exact same thing! Considering the times, he’s the only one that can compete with Blackmon for #1 WR in OSU history. That’s it knocking the others.

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Will miss Wallace and Stoner.

With that said, there’s still a stacked WR group. Let’s hope Sanders spreads the ball around and opens up this offense!

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